Low Cost Battery Powered GPS Asset Tracking

The Battery Track 60 is an excellent device that can track both fixed and mobile assets. It includes a built-in power pack that is designed for long term use. Manufactured to be extremely durable, the unit is water-resistant and can be used for trailers, flatbeds, roll-offs, and many other types of equipment across the freight, agriculture, and construction industries.

The Battery Track 60 was designed for the intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed resources. Track 60 is a battery operated device with internal GPS and GSM antennas.

The device must be installed ensuring that the top of the device has clear access to the sky. The Battery Track 60 is a water-resistant device, pursuant to the IP-67 rating. This rating specifies that the device is protected against dust and high-pressure jets of water. The device cannot be immersed in water.

  • Up to 4 years of operation for every 12 hour reporting and 3 years for 8 hour reporting
  • Fully Integrated – no need for external antenna or power source
  • Superior GPS Sensitivity
  • Water Resistant – Device is protected against high pressure jets of water
  • Low Battery Alert – will report when voltage = 3.0V
  • On 12 hour plan battery will last 15 days from the date of the low power alert
  • On 8 hour plan battery will last 10 days from the date of the low power alert

Battery Track 60

What is Asset Tracking?

Resource tracking involves the monitoring of physical assets, generally by using GPS tags which broadcast their location. When GPS management is used, satellite positioning of at least three different satellites is required, so that location can be pinpointed by a process known as trilateration. Some GPS tracking devices rely on internal batteries, while others are actually hard-wired to an internal battery in the resource. The size, type, and quality of a GPS management device will generally be dictated by the frequency with which the position of an asset must be known.

Asset tracking is generally done by organizations that find it critical to monitor the positioning of resources in the field, because it helps to increase their productivity. It can also be invaluable as a means of providing regular alerts for maintenance or repairs, so these can be accomplished periodically. By following the typical best practices of resource tracking, any organization will reap a number of benefits that will be sure to improve its bottom line.

Market Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transportation and Freight
  • Trailer and outdoor-sign companies


  • Completely-self contained
  • Easy to install
  • Daily updates
  • Very inexpensive service plan

Key Features:

  • Size: 10″ X 2.36″ X 2.44″
  • Weight: 25 Oz.
  • Option of 2 or 3 daily updates
  • Water resistant

Battery Track 60 - How Can Asset Tracking Help

How Can Asset Tracking Help Your business?

There are quite a few ways that resource monitoring can help your business, and provide you with benefits that will help you stay competitive, and perhaps gain a leg up on the competition. First of all, you’ll be able to save on administrative costs, because your company personnel won’t have to use manual methods to track down assets. With the time savings earned for those individuals, you can assign them to more value-added tasks that are of greater use to your company.

Another way that asset tracking can help your company is when you’re undergoing significant growth. If you are manually managing your assets, this would be a much more difficult process. However, because you are automatically monitoring your resources via a GPS system, it’s very easy to scale up and grow as much as possible.

Customers will be satisfied to a much higher degree when you can make deliveries on time consistently, and when you can inform them reliably of when a truck will be at their location. Some customer service features can even be automated, thereby increasing customer satisfaction even more. When customers’ word-of-mouth starts getting around about your reliability and accuracy, that will improve your standing in the industry and possibly help you acquire more customers.

Managing your assets will be much easier when you have a resource management system in place, and you will definitely be able to identify any losses which occur much more quickly. Without an asset management system in place, you might be losing resources on a regular basis and not even be aware of it. With a good system in place, it will encourage greater accountability by your employees such as drivers, and it will discourage the misuse of resources, for instance by making unauthorized stops, or having excessive idle times.

By monitoring the status of your field assets, you’ll be able to encourage good behaviors and discourage negative behaviors, so that your fleet of vehicles is used much more efficiently. If you are attempting to obtain any kinds of certifications, such as an AIB certification, you will need to have a good resource tracking system in place. This is especially true if you are in an industry that involves regulatory compliance, and this compliance can be satisfied through resource management.

Any sophisticated asset management system will be capable of monitoring a great many more factors than a manual management system would. When you have a good asset management system in place, it will increase your company’s efficiency and organization. You’ll have the data at your fingertips which will allow you to organize physical space such as warehousing, offices, and other storage areas. You’ll be able to identify items which can be accessed commonly together so that your physical storage system has a much better structure.

Accurately monitoring the location of all your field resources will help you to understand exactly where each of them is at any point in time. By having more accurate resource management, you’ll be able to avoid inconvenient situations like not having specific resources available when you have a dire need for them. All these benefits of an resource management system make it one of the best investments you could possibly make if you need to manage a fleet of vehicles or other types of assets.

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