GPS Asset Tracking Devices & Solutions

GPS Asset Tracking Done Right

GPS Technologies takes asset-tracking very seriously, and it shows in the level of sophistication that is provided by our asset-tracking devices. We have spent a great deal of time and research developing the very best asset-monitoring devices on the market today because we realize that the best devices are what our customers need and what will be most beneficial to their businesses.

Governmental regulations have also played a role in upgrading the capabilities of asset-monitoring devices, and we have incorporated all the information requirements issued by the authorities, to help keep you in compliance. Whether you’re monitoring a single vehicle or a whole fleet of them, we have the best asset-tracking devices you can use, either for personal or business usage.

Asset Tracking Features

The asset-tracking devices offered by GPS Technologies provide a number of features that are extremely useful to a business owner who wishes to monitor one vehicle, or a whole fleet of them. Our devices can be used for generators, construction equipment, trailers, and more. With inside and outside mounting capabilities, and the choice between wired connection or battery powered, our asset tracking technologies can work for any application. Depending on the type of device you choose and the kind of service you enable for that device, you will have the option to collect some very basic information or to make very sophisticated kinds of data collection.

For your purposes, it may only be necessary to record stop and start times, the duration of stops, and the location addresses for those stops. Other fleet managers may require additional information such as vehicle speed, rapid starting or stopping, Geo-fencing, auto locate, and landmarking capabilities, alerts about arrivals and departures, hours of service for the driver, and total mileage associated with the trip. Regardless of the type or volume of information you’re trying to collect, you can count on extreme accuracy with the GPS Technologies tracking devices.

Asset Tracking Benefits

Not only will your company benefit by having a great deal more information about your fleet vehicles, but your customers will benefit also because you can provide them with more accurate delivery times. Since your drivers will be much more accountable, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized usage or any driving excesses while they are on the road.

You may even find that fuel costs are reduced because mileage is being tracked more closely and because drivers will be sticking to the program better. The flexible plans offered by GPS Technologies amount to the lowest monthly cost of any provider on the market today; and since these are open service plans, there are no required contracts involved.

Perhaps best of all, your company will probably receive a return on investment, which covers the cost of the device, in less than three months. There are many investments you can make today where you would not receive such an immediate ROI and where it would not be so beneficial to your company in such a short period of time.

Why Choose GPS Technologies

There are doubtless other companies that market vehicle monitoring software and hardware which could be beneficial to your company. However, only GPS Technologies provides the most accurate and best overall fleet monitoring and monitoring services that are currently available. Because GPS Technologies is well aware of the importance of the information provided by vehicle monitoring, the company focuses strongly on allowing clients to review and streamline their processes with the available GPS data.

When your company grows smarter and more efficient by using our products, we feel that we’ve accomplished a great deal in helping to upgrade your operations. We take great pride in the fact that our products can help you determine the best route for a trip, to react to unanticipated eventualities, to monitor the status of your valuable company assets, and to stay in constant contact with your fleet of vehicles, wherever they happen to be. In addition to providing fleet-tracking capabilities, GPS Technologies also provides mobile tracking, team tracking, and portable tracking, so that you can be aware of the status of your loved ones and your assets at all times.

Since 1998, GPS Technologies has been family-owned and operated, and that means we have been providing the best tracking technologies for a full 20 years now. If we weren’t doing a few things right, we would never have lasted this long in a very competitive business, so you know that we are a very professional and innovative kind of company, constantly seeking to stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the industry.

In those 20 years, we have expanded our product lines to include solutions for virtually every kind of monitoring, for any industry that needs to make use of the technology. Unlike some other companies, we invite you to check out our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau because we are very highly rated as an ethical and honest business, focused on solving the needs of our customers and providing them with the very best products available today in our particular area of expertise.

Affordable GPS Asset Tracking starting as low as $15/Month

Asset Tracking offers a variety of products for you to choose from to manage your fleet. Tracking features range from basic tracking needs such as stop and start times, location addresses, and length of stops to more sophisticated mapping capabilities. Reporting varies depending on the product. Prices will also vary based on the level of detail you require. Use our expertise to help you choose the correct product for your needs.

GPS System Features

  • Lowest Cost Monthly Fees in the Market – flexible plans
  • Open service plans- no contracts
  • Compact unit perfect for covert installation
  • Detailed activity reports which includes speed, mileage, address locations, and stops
  • 6 month or longer stored history
  • Displays location, date, and time of every stop
  • Geo fencing and land marking
  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Battery or hard wired
  • Built in antennas – Superior GPS Sensitivity
  • Water Proof or water resistant

GPS System Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce overtime
  • Improve turn around times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Control fuel costs
  • Provide proof of billing hours
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Increase driver accountability
  • State mileage reports
  • ROI in less than 3 months