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For the very best in tracking and monitoring systems, backed by sophisticated GPS precision, GPS Technologies is your foremost authority. We help businesses understand what their fleets are saying, and assist with battery, teen and asset tracking. Our software solutions provide drivers, dispatchers and decision-makers an open line of communication.

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The Authority for Fleet GPS Tracking

GPS Technologies provides our customers with the very best, most accurate, most encompassing personal and fleet tracking and monitoring services available today. We understand the importance of knowing the speed, location, status and integrity of your assets, which is why we take pride in providing technologies capable of providing this data and more! As the premier fleet GPS monitoring service, we focus heavily on enabling you to view, review and streamline your processes via GPS data, to help grow your company smarter and faster. From plotting the best route, to adapting for unforeseen challenges, to monitoring the status of high-priority assets, our fleet GPS tracking service is a modern-age solution to business betterment.

In addition to fleet vehicles and assets, we also leverage our technologies to provide general vehicle GPS tracking. We’re here to assist you in keeping tabs on high-risk drivers, or to help monitor the tendencies of your new teen driver. Our GPS units and interface provide up-to-the-minute technologies that make personal GPS tracking easy, efficient and unencumbering. Whether you’re a worrisome parent, the manager of large-scale fleet operations, supervisor at an agricultural operation or just looking to gather and interpret data for continuous improvement, know that GPS Technologies is here to serve you.

  • We’ve been a family-owned and –operated business since 1998, with more than 20 years of industry experience!
  • We offer software solutions for a wide range of industries, encompassing all tracking demands.
  • We’re accredited and highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBBs nationwide.).
  • Our products and services extend to companies
  • We offer rental products, as well as wholesale tracking technologies.