Limousine Fleet Tracking

Are you a backseat driver in the limousine industry?

Limousine and town car fleets provide transportation services for a variety of individual and corporate clients. When individuals hire a limo, it’s usually for one of the most important days of their lives. It could be a wedding or a quinceanera. Or it could be a retirement, birthday, or reunion.

When companies and political organizations hire limousine and town car services, it is for executives and other key personnel to make the most of their time. The limo becomes a rolling office, or a discreet meeting place, or a nod to the importance of a visiting dignitary.

No matter who is hiring your limos and town cars, you want to be sure to get them where they are going on time! GPS Technologies, as you already know, can help you track your fleet. But GPS Technologies can help you do so much more.

GPS Reinforces Driver Safety

Your reputation depends on your drivers providing a smooth, comfortable ride to their destinations on time. Your company’s financial survival depends on making sure that passengers arrive at their destinations without injury.

Limousine Fleet TrackingGPS tracking doesn’t just tell you where your vehicles are. It also tells you how fast they have been driven. It tells you whether your driver had to hit the brakes, or floor the accelerator. It can track wide curves and sudden movements that indicate near misses.

GPS technology can keep up with minimum speed, maximum speed, average speed. and idling time.

None of this information, of course, necessarily points to a problem with your driver. But the frequency of incidents on the road can be a signal that corrective intervention is necessary to ensure a safe, smooth customer experience. And a GPS record of safe driving is something you can reward.

GPS Provides Geofencing

We all love the entrepreneurial spirit. But we don’t love it as much when drivers of fleet vehicles make side trips to pick up their own clients off the books.

GPS telematic tracking services can alert your dispatch office when your vehicles leave their geofences, their present boundaries for travel. And telematic GPS services can make tracking stolen vehicles much, much easier, especially when your GPS provider has installed GPS tracking in places few car thieves would expect.

GPS Helps You Control Operating Costs

GPS Technologies can help you integrate your tracking systems with your management systems.

Your GPS dashboard will remind you when vehicles need service, such as oil change, transmission fluid change, or engine checkups. It can even remind you when vehicles need to be detailed.

Your GPS dashboard can also send you any information that your operators would see from warning lights. If your vehicle’s diagnostics are detecting a problem, your GPS dashboard can let you know, too. Your tracking system from GPS Technologies can help you make sure small mechanical problems don’t turn into big repair bills.

GPS fleet tracking can help you control fuel costs. Vehicles burn more gas the faster you drive them. Enforcing corporate rules about speed on the road can save you money on fuel for trips short and long.

And GPS will lower the premiums you pay for insurance on your fleet. GPS data can help prove your driver was not at fault in the event of a crash (or, conversely, explain how their driving contributed to an incident).

GPS Automates Accounting

Do you bill by the hour? By the minute? By the mile?

GPS tracking can include door sensors. You can know the exact time a customer enters your limo and the exact time they exit it.

GPS tracking can be integrated with camera systems. You can correlate visual images of activities inside your vehicles with location, time, speed, and engine status.

GPS tracking can generate an invoice without manual arithmetic calculations, backed up with logged data. And GPS tracking can provide an additional layer of quality control to provide accurate data about driver performance and ride service.

How Have Limousine Services Innovated with GPS?

Limousine services have used GPS tracking technologies to:

  • Integrate their payroll systems with GPS so drivers can check in and check out from anywhere. These systems also keep track of meal breaks and breaks during shifts.
  • Integrate GPS with email systems that keep customers informed of changing conditions during severe weather and emergency situations.
  • Integrate GPS with the company website for voice-activated search.
  • Automate emails to passengers to keep them informed of arrival times and trip details.
  • Track on-time performance and customer comments for every ride, and correlate that information with details about speed, braking, road conditions, and driver safety.
  • Create a portfolio of information for regular conference calls with corporate clients.
  • Identify situations in which operators need training and permission to say “no” to unsafe or unreasonable customer requests.
  • Create a food blog from information about restaurants where customers were dropped off.
  • Provide data for service failure and service success meetings within the company that keep operators motivated to do more.
  • Coordinate information from reservationists about the details of the lives of customers. Your company could send a congratulations card for a graduation, a wedding, or an anniversary, or a condolence card to a client who has lost a family member.

Modern GPS technologies can help your company create bespoke customer service, offering rider satisfaction that your competitors can’t beat.

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