Fleet GPS Tracking for Winter Operations Companies

One of the best investments that winter operations companies can make is installing GPS trackers on their vehicles. With winter comes poor weather, late arrivals, pileups, and other potential dangers, and the harsh driving conditions make it difficult for many companies to optimize their operations.

Why Choose GPS Tracking?

GPS Technologies offers several products that can be used by winter operations companies to manage their fleets. We offer a complete GPS fleet tracking solution comprising the device and the software. The devices are battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of your drivers. They monitor various metrics, including adherence to speed limits, stops, driver hours, and service records.

Fleet GPS Tracking for Winter Operations Companies

Our GPS fleet tracking software is cloud-based, easy to install, and available in the form of mobile apps. It features a fleet dashboard that enables you to keep track of all aspects of your fleet’s operations. We offer 24/7 support to fleet managers to ensure operational efficiency. What’s more, GPS Technologies repairs and services the fleet-tracking devices it supplies. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about incurring further costs after installing our devices.
We understand that not all winter operations companies can afford to purchase and install fleet tracking devices on their vehicles. Thus, we rent out systems to ensure that our partners comply with state and federal standards. Small and medium winter operations companies form the backbone of our operations, and therefore, our renting solutions primarily focus on providing them with low-cost systems.
GPS Technologies also offers the most affordable rental plans for fleets, and we don’t charge any hardware fees because we include that in the rental cost. Besides, we don’t tie down our clients to rental programs with stiff contracts. Therefore, you can opt-out of the arrangement at any time. When you rent and install our systems on your vehicles, you’ll get a clearer picture of your operational efficiency by monitoring all vehicles simultaneously on Google maps or satellite images.
When you rent our trackers, you’ll still access all the relevant fleet information, including start and stop times, speeds, current location, routes taken, and mileage. Besides, you won’t have to incur the cost of buying the devices in the first place.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking

GPS trackers can help you maintain your fleet’s smooth operations, optimize fuel economy, improve security, keep drivers safe, and reduce risky driving behavior. GPS Technologies installs systems that can help you overcome the hurdles brought about by the harsh winter weather.Thanks to GPS tracking, it’s easy to optimize fleet efficiency and comply with state and federal regulations. At GPS Technologies, we offer four GPS solutions that winter operations companies can leverage, including asset tracking.

We believe that fleet managers at winter operations companies should always have full control of their assets, including vehicles. Thus, we offer asset GPS tracking solutions to enable you to track your company’s most valuable assets. Our tracking devices are compact and can be used to monitor any asset, from snow removal equipment to company vehicles.

At GPS Technologies, we’ve built the most powerful tracking tools for enabling you to manage your trailers, vehicles, and other assets from anywhere. Whether you’re scaling your company’s winter operations or undertaking a complex project, our meticulously designed tracking system guarantees the functionality you need. With our asset tracking system, you can track and manage your fleet on the go besides getting live info relating to traffic and weather.

Our GPS tracking systems work hand-in-hand with our dashcam. There’s no better way to enhance visibility into your winter operations than installing dash cams in your fleet. The GPS Technologies DashCam comes with Integrated Telematics that give you full operational insight. Fleet managers can view live vehicle location, distance to and from job sites, reckless driving instances, and traffic conditions. The dual-facing camera ensures operational efficiency by:
Recording and sending live video feeds from your vehicle
Sending feedback every 5 to 15 seconds concerning trip and location details
Making front collision video recordings
Sending alerts about distracted driving

Sending alerts about possible break-ins into vehicles

Thus, our dashcam helps to exonerate drivers of wrongdoing in case of accidents, reduce incidents of distracted driving, and lower fleet maintenance costs. It also enables fleet managers and drivers to know about driving conditions and the best routes to take.
To learn more about our fleet tracking solutions, contact us and request a free live tracking demo from our team.