Rental Solutions

  • Lowest Cost Rental Plan Available
    No Contract | No Hardware Cost
  • $31.95
    Monthly fee*

Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts when tracking systems are installed in fleet vehicles. That discount would more than offset the low, low cost of any one of our GPS Tracking Systems. For some companies the discount and the tax write off negates the cost of the unit completely.

Combine the insurance discount with your tax write off and the unit cost is essentially FREE. The added fleet efficiency, managed driver hours, route controls, gas savings, stop length records, etc, equal REAL PROFITS added directly to the bottom line.

Managing your fleet offers added profit!

  • Lowest cost monthly plans in the market today
  • View all vehicles at once, on google maps or satellite images
  • Track mileage, stop times, start times, and Locations
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports, 23 different reports
  • Unlimited instant locates included
  • Intelligent dispatch capability – find closest vehicle
  • Speeding & multiple boundary alerts to phone and email
  • Won’t drain battery – alerts for low battery
  • Door unlock – at no extra charge
  • Starter disable – at no extra charge
  • Simple installation

*$31.95 per month. First 3 months, activation fee and deposit must be paid at the time of purchase.
Price does not include an activation fee of $39.95 or a refundable $50.00 hardware deposit.