GPS Trackers for Car Dealerships

Car dealership GPS tracking devices keep valuable assets just a click away so car dealers, finance companies, and consumers can feel secure about their most valuable assets. Car dealership GPS tracking devices from GPS Technologies also keep customers safer and give dealers and lenders extra opportunities to intervene to help customers keep their credit and their cars, while boosting the bottom line for both dealers and lenders.

Who in the Car Business Needs GPS the Most?

Car dealership GPS tracking devices from GPS Technologies are particularly important for certain groups of car owners.

GPS Teen Tacking - Teen Driver

GPS Trackers for Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Some car dealers specialize in making owning a car possible for consumers with less than stellar credit. Buy here pay here dealers can protect their bottom line with telematics solutions from GPS Technologies that:

  • Encourage prompt payment
  • Reduce impound lot fees
  • Lower risk of fraud
  • Make portfolio, management easier
  • Facilitate recovery

GPS Technologies offers GPS trackers for car dealerships that are easy to install but hard to detect or disable, with just the essentials for tracking assets at risk.

GPS Car Tracking Solutions for Lenders and Finance Companies

GPS Technologies provides tracking solutions for lending companies and auto dealerships with multiple branches that can be fully integrated with your company’s management software. Tracking technology from GPS Technologies can go beyond showing a dot on a map with a vehicle’s location to; providing you with information about driving habits, maintenance status, driving speed, hazardous driving, and unsafe choices of parking locations. Data from GPS Technologies car tracking can be integrated with your company’s predictive AI to identify vehicles and customers who need extra supervision to prevent losses.

GPS Technologies auto tracking solutions for large auto dealerships and finance companies can:

  • Streamline communications with customers, keeping local branches in the loop but not requiring them to keep tabs on vehicles they sell.
  • Integrate workflows across different dealerships, branches, and divisions.
  • Provide data for multi-tiered operations, including maintenance advice and notification of vehicle casualties.

GPS car tracking technologies can become part of your early warning system for customer defaults, alerting you to the need to work with the customer to keep accounts current.

With GPS car tracking from GPS Technologies, car dealers and finance companies collect more payments per loan.

GPS Car Tracking for Lot Management

GPS Technologies offers customized systems for simplified lot management. With GPS car tracking from GPS Technologies, recovery of stolen car takes hours, not weeks.

GPS car tracking devices can be hardwired into the car’s ignition to disable the starter. They can provide lenders with tow alerts. For smaller dealerships, they can be integrated with iPhone and Android apps. But there are also benefits of car dealership GPS tracking for customers.

GPS Car Tracking Benefits for Consumers

GPS car tracking devices aren’t legally required for private passenger vehicles, but there are several reasons they are always a good idea. GPS car tracking enhances driver safety, helps leasing companies make sure their vehicles are operating efficiently, and gives drivers faster access to help in road emergencies.

How GPS Car Tracking Rewards Driver Safety

Once a car leaves the lot, the dealership and the lender don’t really have a legal obligation to monitor driver safety. Unlike delivery vehicles, there is no federal standard like FMCSA that requires dealers or lenders to track a car’s location or the safe driving habits of its new owners. That doesn’t mean that GPS car dealership tracking has no relevance to driver safety at all.

Modern telematic GPS car dealership tracking devices can report speeding, slamming on the brakes, sudden acceleration, and dangerous driving on curves and inclines. They can keep detailed logs of driver behavior that can be used for future leasing and lending decisions, helping dealers and lenders reward safe drivers with opportunities to own newer, more expensive vehicles. 

This data can also absolve a dealer or manufacturer of fault in the case of a claim of mechanical defect or failure to maintain a leased vehicle.

GPS Car Dealership Tracking and Asset Control

Don’t expect the cars you lease in the USA to be driven to Guatemala? Concerned when you get a report the vehicle you financed is in a container on its way to Brazil?

Or maybe you just want to know where a vehicle is before it arrives at a chop shop.

GPS car dealership tracking can protect honest customers who are working hard to make their payments from irrecoverable losses. The ability to track and possibly recover a stolen vehicle can help your honest customers keep their jobs, transport their families, and maintain their credit.

GPS Car Dealership Tracking and Customer Assistance

There are occasional situations in which customers need help from GPS. Teenage drivers in a customer’s family can get into trouble when they take the family car out solo. Older drivers can get confused and lost. Tracking data used for asset protection can become lifesaving information for customers in distress.

But What About Driver Privacy?

Car dealerships and auto credit providers, we hope, have better things to do than snooping on their customers. We expect that GPS car dealership tracking technology will only be used for legitimate and fully disclosed purposes. But the wrong kind of GPS car dealership tracking system can endanger customer privacy.

GPS tracking systems installed at the dealership to the battery are sometimes very easy to hack. It is possible to find out the cell phone number used to communicate with the device, and then to send a text to the tracking device to determine its location. This kind of GPS tracking leaves the customer at risk for stalking and carjacking.

GPS Technologies offers car dealership GPS tracking devices that can’t be hacked or manipulated remotely. These devices cannot be manipulated to provide anything other than the vehicle’s true location. With tracking devices from GPS Technologies, car dealers and finance companies can protect customer privacy and security.

GPS Technologies can help your company find exactly the right devices to support customer safety and boost your bottom line. Call us at (847) 382-5107 or request a quote online.