Teen Driver Tracking for your Peace of Mind

Teen Track is a live GPS web based system utilizing GPS Technology and your web browser. Our GPS tracking device is reasonably priced with a low monthly fee and no contract. The simple installation and personalized automatic updates make Teen Track Live the perfect solution for parents. GPS tracking puts you in the passenger’s seat whenever your teen is behind the wheel.

Payment of one low monthly fee, as low as $14.95, allows you unlimited access to reports, mapping, speed alerts, geo-fencing alerts, and more.


  • Next Gen 4-G units
  • Open service plans – No Contracts
  • Locate any vehicle instantly
  • Speed alerts for exceeding posted speed limit
  • Geo-fence alerts
  • Street level view of maps


  • Open service plans – No Contracts
  • Simple installation
  • Set customized geo-fences
  • Driving habits alerts such hard braking and hard acceleration

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