Value Track – Low-Cost, Full-Time GPS Tracker System

The Value Track is a low cost full time tracking unit that can provide 5-, 2-, or 1-minute update intervals. The Unit will provide stops, stop lengths, idle time, ignition on and off, mileage driven, routes followed, addresses and Google map views of every location. Geo-fencing, land marking, email alerts are all included in the monthly fee. You will be able to use the Value Track Full Time Tracker and The Asset Track 607 together in the same account.

The Value Track 607 System offered by GPS Technologies is a very affordable full-time monitoring program which can provide updates at intervals of one, two, or five minutes, so as to keep the most up-to-date information flowing to your dispatch center. You may not need all the information that it can provide, but you will at least have data regarding stops, the duration of stops, on-and-off ignition events, idle time, routes taken, number of miles driven, addresses visited, and Google map views of every location that a vehicle stops at.

You’ll also have Geo-fencing, landmarking, and email alerts, all of which are included in a monthly charge that is well worth the service provided. In addition to all this, you’ll be notified when the battery is low, and if you choose to, you’ll be able to discreetly install the unit so that drivers are unaware the device is presently monitoring them.


  • Low cost
  • 2 year warranty
  • Next Gen 4G ready
  • Flexible update plans; 5, 2, 1 minute updates
  • Stop locations with addresses provided
  • Built in Geo fences, landmarking, speed alerts via email or cell
  • Google Earth mapping
  • Mileage and routes show.
  • Low battery notification
  • Built in antennas and wiring harness
  • Small size: 3 ½” X 2” X ½”
  • Covert installation

Value Track 607

How Can Fleet Tracking help your business?

Any business owner can tell you that overhead expenses will quickly eat away at profits, and if they are significant enough, they can even drive you into the red so that you’re not making any money at all. To reverse that situation, it’s a good idea to use whatever technologies are available to help you streamline your operations, and cut costs at the same time.

Some of the most advanced features of GPS tracking can help you manage costs and lower them, if they are diligently applied and embraced by everyone in your organization. You can save a considerable amount of money by using a monitoring system throughout your organization, especially in specific areas. Probably the biggest single area of savings would be in the reduction of fuel costs, and because the cost of fuel is steadily rising, you can realize a tremendous cost reduction just by putting into practice some of the savings strategies made available by a team location system.

By tracking driver behaviors, you will be able to identify those actions on the road which consume fuel more quickly, such as quick starts and driving at excessive speeds. Information provided by your monitoring system can help you to re-educate drivers so they will consume less fuel, and use better driving habits altogether.

Another area where you can realize some significant savings is in the rapid identification of safety issues, such as unauthorized speeding or vehicle usage, and stopping at unauthorized locations. Preventing bad behaviors will avoid accidents that can lead to insurance claims and increased insurance rates. It will also be safer for your drivers when you can respond to accidents much more quickly, because the information has been transmitted to your central dispatch system.

One last way that a monitoring system will be of benefit to your company is in the area of greater labor efficiency. When you know when and where vehicles are in operation all the time, you’ll be able to eliminate any kind of fraudulent claims by drivers regarding their work time. Any problem employees can quickly be identified in this way, and appropriate actions can be taken. When employees realize they are being monitored, it will inevitably lead to better work habits and far less fraudulent claims by employees.

Value Track 607 - Semi Tracking

Industries We Serve:

In addition to trucking companies, there are many more industries that currently make liberal use of team monitoring systems. Some of the biggest users of fleet tracking are construction companies, electrical and utility companies, auto service shops, agricultural businesses, plumbing, healthcare, and HVAC contractors. For many of these kinds of companies, it is essential to know where company vehicles are at all times, so that better service can be provided to their customers, and in organizations such as healthcare, to ensure that medical attention can be quickly delivered to those in need.

  • City Fleets
  • HVAC
  • School Bus Transportation
  • State D.O.T.
  • Plumbers
  • City Bus Transportation
  • Regional Newspapers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Limousine Services
  • Uniform / Linen Services
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Sales Representatives
  • Phone Company Contractors
  • Pest Management Services
  • Snow Plow Services
  • Car Carriers
  • Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Cable Company Contractors
  • Bulk and Route Deliver
  • Fuel / Oil Haulers
  • Hazmat Haulers
  • Chemical Haulers
  • Produce / Perishable Delivery
  • Street Sweepers

What is Fleet Tracking?

There are two main technologies which are combined to make a team monitoring system work, those being automatic field location, and a software network which collects data from that unit and analyzes it, so you can have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with all your vehicles. Most team monitoring systems on the market today use either GPS positioning or GLONASS technology in order to locate vehicles.

Vehicle information would then be displayed on an electronic Internet map, or on special software mapping applications. Some of the most common users of monitoring systems are transportation companies which have a number of trucks that move goods through the supply chain, and corporations that provide company cars to their employees.

There are two main types of monitoring systems, those being active and passive tracking systems. Passive systems are less capable, and simply store information such as location, route, and certain actions such as doors being opened and closed. Active fleet monitoring systems record all this information and considerably more, since they are able to transmit that data back to a centralized location. Passive systems are unable to do this and have to be physically removed when they return to headquarters so that data can be downloaded.

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