GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment

GPS technology has undergone tremendous improvements when it comes to its features and functionality. While basic track-and-trace features still exist, our solutions are geared towards providing our clients with multi-dimensional fleet and asset management solutions.

Tracking your team and assets is critical to ensuring cost control, efficiency, and your business’s productivity. At GPS Technologies, we provide fleet and construction equipment tracking solutions.

Fleet Tracking Options

A fleet location management system provides you with real-time data on the location of your team as well as the drivers’ behaviors. Large and small trucking companies to maximize the efficiency of their team as well as save on costs. However, these solutions can also be used by other types of businesses that would wish to streamline how their vehicles operate.

At GPS Technologies, we have curated fleet monitoring solutions that will cater to all your business needs. Under our team localization solutions, you can choose any of the following options:

Vehicle Track

For this solution, we install GPS monitoring devices or sensors on your vehicles. We then link it to software that analyzes the data that originates from the sensors. Not only will you know the current location of your vehicles, but also be informed of driver habits such as excessive speeding and hard braking.

Value Track

Value track is a low-cost full-time tracking device that provides you with 1-, 2-, and 5-minute updates. You will be able to view such details as the mileage driven, the route, addresses, stops and stop lengths, and idle time.

Fleet Track IQ

Fleet localization is more or less like vehicle monitoring, but this time, the devices are installed on your entire team of vehicles, which can be useful for people in the shipping and transport industry. This module provides you with 1-minute updates on all vehicle data, including hard-driving, braking, and other bad driving habits.

SAT Track

SAT Track provides you with real-time updates and analysis of your entire team. Through this module, you receive information on the status and location of any vehicle in your team through satellite data transmission. Real-time data on where a vehicle is located and how it’s being driven makes coordination easy and reduces operational costs. Essentially, you can use such data to adjust routes and schedule additional pick-ups, thus reducing your operational costs, improving your fleet’s efficiency. You can also add to its functionality by adding our Mobile Data Terminal.

Construction Equipment Tracking

Construction machinery is a huge investment for your business. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to reduce your overheads. Among the challenges that managers face is the fact that construction sites are not the same. The use of different varieties of machinery causes cases of lost machinery and neglects to add up pretty quickly.

We can tailor our GPS monitoring device on your construction machinery in a way that you get maintenance notifications. Keeping the machinery running at peak performance helps extend its lifespan and makes it easier to operate and maintain. Our system also keeps a detailed history of all your machinery.

We can mount the device on your machinery such as cranes, excavators and earthmovers, generators, trailers, and so on. You can choose between a battery-powered and a wired connection with the option of mounting it on the exterior or interior of your equipment.

Our battery-powered GPS Asset Tracking devices are low-cost, low-power, and energy-efficient. Their small size means that they can be rotated between different construction site assets.

Choosing an Asset Tracking Solution

When it comes to asset monitoring, you can choose between a passive and active tracker. Unlike the latter, where you can monitor the equipment’s current location and usage, you will have to download the data from a passive tracker onto a computer. An active tracker delivers real-time data through a Global System for Mobile Communications trans-receiver and a SIM. You will receive information on your asset through a GSM cellular network.

Why Invest in Fleet and Construction Equipment Tracking

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment - Keep Tabs
It Helps You Keep Tabs on Your AssetsFleet and facility monitoring gives you total control of your assets. With real-time information on where your vehicles are, you can reduce distances, travel times, and effectively manage your fleet’s trips. Knowing where your machinery is and who is currently using it helps minimize instances of lost or stolen items.

It Minimizes Maintenance Costs

We can customize our fleet management and machinery management solutions to alert you whenever your vehicles are due for maintenance. If vehicles and facilities are not regularly serviced and repaired, their deterioration could cause:

  • Injuries and fatalities resulting from accidents
  • Poor performance leading to low productivity
  • Damage to your organization’s reputation leading to high turnover rates

Scheduling preventive maintenance and service helps you prevent time-stealing breakdowns. It can also help improve your vehicles’ and equipment’s resale value for when you want to upgrade them.

It Reduces Fuel Consumption

Normally, fuel consumption could be up to 45% of your fleet’s operational costs. Without a fleet and asset management system in place, these costs could be higher. Using it helps optimize routing and manage your vehicles’ and equipment’s idling times. Reducing idling times not only minimizes your fuel costs, but it also leads to less wear and tears on your machines.

It Manages Risks and Reduces Liability

Having real-time access to data on your drivers’ road habits helps you make informed decisions. You can re-train or take action on drivers who display aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding and hard braking. Such habits take a toll on your fleet’s longevity and increase the chances of road carnages. Keeping tabs on driving habits training your drivers and equipment handlers on how to be safe keeps your employees safe by reducing accidents.

It Helps Prevent Misuse of Construction Equipment and Vehicles

It’s not uncommon for employees to use company vehicles and machinery for personal reasons. Essentially, this increases your susceptibility to liabilities and could lead to higher insurance premiums, especially if an accident occurs. Should personal use be against your company’s policy, a device will let you know when this is happening.

It Helps When it Comes to Inventory Control

If you do not have a proper monitoring system, it becomes nearly impossible to track all your equipment, particularly if you are managing multiple sites.

It Helps You Meet any Compliance Issues

Different industries have guidelines to which companies have to adhere to. Due to the safety hazards, employees, and other parties are exposed to in the industry, these guidelines are quite strict.

It’s not uncommon for organizations such as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and the National Safety Council to visit your organization to check whether you meet the required compliance standards. Investing in our GPS Asset Tracking solution helps you prioritize the maintenance of certain equipment over others and plan for recurring service tasks. This helps you stay compliant.

It Makes it Possible to Recover Your Vehicle or Assets Faster

Should a vehicle be stolen, knowing exactly where it is located helps in its recovery efforts. It also minimizes the chances of it being vandalized.

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