Dashcam with Integrated Telematics

Live Video Feed Examples

This is an example of what did happen when an inexperienced driver had an accident. This real and recent video illustrates the importance of dashcam video devices.
TRIGGER WARNING – the following videos depict sudden vehicle accidents and may not be appropriate for everyone.


  • Exoneration of wrong doing
  • Increased safety by reducing incidents
  • Lower fleet maintenance costs
  • Understand driving conditions

Resulting In

  • Decreased insurance premiums
  • Increased asset security and liability coverage
  • Lower fleet maintenance costs
  • And much more!

Camera size: 4 1/2″ length x 2″ high

Fleet Dashcams

Benefits of Dashcams

Dashcams are a small up-front investment that offer many benefits down the line. They are inexpensive, easy to set up and operate, and can even lower your premiums.

Dashcams Are Budget Friendly and Compact

Thanks to a competitive marketplace, dashcams have gone down in size and price while their quality keeps rising. You may be able to get a car camera for 80-160 dollars, depending on the model. This is a bargain compared to traditional cameras, Go-Pros, and the like. Dashcams are also more discreet, taking up minimal space in your vehicle.

Not sure which model is right for you? Contact us and we will help you find the dashcam that fits your budget and needs.

Dashcams Do not Take Technical Expertise to Install and Use

Installing a dashcam is a straightforward, four step process

1. Slip a memory card into the dashcam’s memory slot.
2. Attach the suction cup to your windshield or dashboard.
3. Put your camera in the mount and lock it in place.
4. (Optional) Plug the dash cam into a power supply.

If you need to review any footage, simply eject the memory card, and pop it into a computer. You will be able to see the recorded video within five minutes.

Dashcams Offer Sophisticated Functions

Did you know that most dashcams come with a GPS device? This can track your speed and location as well as record your destination in a log file. If something happens to your navigation instrument, a dashcam may manage your journey without you needing to break out a map and compass.

Many dashcams offer spoken status updates and notifications. That means no fumbling with buttons and no missed updates.
These cameras also have low battery usage settings. This can stretch the battery’s charge out long enough to cover your entire journey.
Dashcams may come with touch-sensitive LCD screens. You will be able to navigate easy-to-understand menus and customize the recording settings as needed.

Dashcams Have Smart Features

Loop recording and ‘smart’ recording make your dashcam more effective than ever.
Loop recording allows the camera to record indefinitely without any fiddling from a user. The oldest video files are overwritten with new ones. This automatic function means that you will not need to check if your dashcam still has space and is still recording.

Smart recording uses g-sensor technology to detect the shock, force, and impact of an accident. The footage from right before to right after an accident is saved in a secure folder that will not be overwritten by the loop. This keeps valuable data safe for your police report and any insurance proceedings.

Dashcams Can Lower Your Premiums

Most insurance companies consider a dashcam a preventative measure. Because of this, insurance companies may offer up to a 15% discount on your insurance premium if your vehicle is fitted with a camera.

Uses of Dashcams

Dashcams have one simple function: they record video. However, that video can be used for a wide variety of purposes.
Dashcams create a record of an accident. In the adrenaline and split-second timing of an accident, it may be difficult to clearly remember what happened. Your dashcam footage can be an invaluable piece of the puzzle. With this video proof, you may be able to avoid being found at fault by an insurance company. It can also expedite insurance claims and even help you in court if you are sued due to the accident.

Dashcams May Protect You from Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a very common crime currently. One of the primary ways that some people defraud insurance companies is by staging or deliberately causing an accident. They may try to extort money from you. Some will go on to fake injuries and get a payout directly from your insurance company.How can you protect yourself from these unscrupulous fraudsters? A well-placed dashboard camera can put an end to their scheme to steal from you and your insurance company.
Dashcams help you raise better drivers. Your teenager may have a driver’s license, but safe driving is a skill that can take a while to master. Teen tracking devices may let you track where they drive, but dashcams let you see how they drive.You can review the footage with your child and discuss their decision-making. Your advice may save them from future accidents and tickets. If your child keeps a clean driving record, they will be able to get a good driver discount on their car insurance more quickly.

Dashcams Watch Your Vehicle When You Cannot

These cameras can be set to come on when they detect motion. If someone hits your parked car and flees the scene, or they break into the car and steal something, you will have a record. This may help the police catch the culprit. It can also help you with the insurance company when you make a claim for the damage.

Dashcams Can Record Vacations and Road Trips

Many dashboard cameras have excellent video quality. If you are a little creative with editing software, you can cut together a great video of your last road trip. It also gives you a second chance to relive once-in-a-lifetime events, such as that perfect sunset or a bald eagle that flew by the car. If you were not quick enough with your smartphone camera, your dashcam may have captured the moment.


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