GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Need a global positioning system fleet tracking solution for your business? We have the right solutions at the best prices! Please select from the following to learn more about our tracking devices.

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Fleet Tracking with GPS Technologies Devices

Full-time tracking and Electronic Data Logs (EDL)

Fleet tracking devices from GPS Technologies can provide you with either basic monitoring information, or much more complex data, depending on your business needs. Regardless of which features you enable on your automobile tracking devices, you can rely on getting extremely accurate information, so that you can improve decision-making, and manage your business more effectively.

There is no better provider in the market today than GPS Technologies for supplying you with the kind of fleet-tracking devices you need to stay competitive and to comply with all governmental regulations.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The features offered by our fleet monitoring devices stack up very well against those of any other company in the market. We think you’ll agree after you’ve used our monitoring devices for even a short period of time because we provide you with some of the most useful and sophisticated monitoring features and reporting now available.

Cost is one of the first things that any client will inquire about, so we’ll mention right up front that we offer open service plans that do not require any long-term commitment or contract. We also offer the lowest cost monthly fees of any major provider today, and our service plans are more flexible than any other company can offer.

In terms of device features, all of our units are small enough that they can easily be concealed on vehicles, so that discrete installation is possible. Meanwhile, you’ll be provided with very detailed activity reports on a number of the most important driving statistics, such as stops and starts, address locations, mileage, speed, hours of service, rapid acceleration, and other bad driving habits.

Each of our devices is capable of storing information for at least six months, and in many cases for a longer period. For every single stop, you’ll get information on the date, location, and time of the event, so you can closely monitor wherever your vehicles happen to be going. Hard driving and speed alerts will be triggered at a certain threshold, and that information will be transmitted back to you, either by cell phone or via email, so that you’re instantly aware of any speed violations.

Geo-fencing and landmarking are also prominent features on our monitoring devices, so if these are important to you, you’ll be able to make use of them for your business reporting. Since our devices all have built-in antennas, they have outstanding GPS sensitivity.

GPS Tracking Benefits

When you use the GPS Technologies fleet tracking solutions, you’ll realize several significant benefits for your company. Within a month or two of installation, you’ll probably notice an increase in productivity, as well as a reduction of overtime, because drivers will be more efficient on their routes. This, of course, means that turnaround times will also be improved. Since you’ll be able to give customers more accurate delivery times, you’ll also have a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

In terms of your driving statistics, you’ll have better control of your fuel costs, and you’ll now have proof of billable hours because all that information will be recorded by the fleet monitoring system.

Since starts and stops are also recorded, our solutions can help eliminate any unauthorized or inappropriate usage of your vehicles. That alone can reduce wear and tear, and keep your fleet in much better shape. With your drivers being more accountable, you’ll have a more tightly run operation, and you’ll find that most of your processes have been streamlined, allowing you to operate with more efficiency.

You’ll have mileage reports which you can issue to state authorities, and you’ll be able to stay in compliance with all other governmental regulations more easily. In short, you’ll receive a significant return on investment soon after the installation of your fleet monitoring equipment, and that’s the bottom line on any business venture.

Why Choose GPS Technologies

At GPS Technologies, we are the most recognized authority in GPS monitoring devices in this country. Our research and development efforts have been focused on helping your business understand what’s happening with your fleet, as well as the behavior of drivers at your company.

In addition, we have specially developed precision devices that are capable of providing information on the driving behavior of your family’s teenagers, your company’s professional drivers, and the location of your fleet of vehicles alike. Since we have dedicated our efforts to improving and streamlining your business operations, we hope you will choose us when it comes to finding the right company to work with, for all asset and personal monitoring.

Affordable GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking for your company’s delivery and service cars, trucks, limos, etc. offers a variety of products for you to choose from to manage your fleet. Tracking features range from basic monitoring needs such as stop and start times, location addresses, and length of stops to more sophisticated mapping capabilities. Reporting varies depending on the product. Prices will also vary based on the level of detail you require. Use our expertise to help you choose the affordable GPS truck tracking product for your needs.

GPS System Features

  • Lowest Cost Monthly Fees in the Market – flexible plans
  • Open service plans- no contracts
  • Compact unit perfect for covert installation
  • Detailed activity reports which includes speed, mileage, address locations, and stops
  • 6 month or longer stored history
  • Displays location, date, and time of every stop
  • Speed alerts via email or cell phone
  • Geo fencing and land marking
  • Built in antennas – Superior GPS Sensitivity

GPS System Benefits

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce overtime
  • Improve turn around times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Control fuel costs
  • Provide proof of billing hours
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use
  • Increase driver accountability
  • State mileage reports
  • ROI in less than 3 months