GPS Tracking for Medical Supply Companies

Managing a fleet responsible for distributing medical equipment and supplies in different places carries tremendous responsibility. You are always in the dark and ready for surprises whenever your drivers leave to deliver the equipment. However, a GPS vehicle tracking system can provide you with solutions to the problems that you face as the manager of the fleet. This can help you in attaining all your goals each day worry-free.

How Can GPS Trackers Help Businesses that Deliver Medical Supplies?

GPS trackers can help businesses dealing with supply delivery in several ways.

It improves customer service
In most cases, companies give their customers approximate times when the supplies they need will be delivered. At times there can be delays due to traffic or delays that are caused by the drivers. When customers expectations are not met, they looks to suppliers who deliver when they say they will. However, with the tracking systems, you can provide updates to your customers in real time about the supplies they are waiting for. Great customer service helps retain your clients for years to come.
It helps save on time and money
The systems installed in the vehicles make it possible for the managers to track drivers’ activities throughout the journey. Therefore, this makes it easier for them to monitor the time spent at different locations and the length of their breaks. In the event of an unauthorized stop, the systems will alert you. This ensures drivers and only spending time on making deliveries. One of the major costs that most supply companies encounter is fuel. These systems help in ensuring that delivery vehicles do not spend so much time in traffic by providing drivers with more efficient routes. The less time spent idling in traffic is money saved on fuel.
It improves the safety of delivery vehicles and drivers
The other great advantage of these tracking systems on the delivery vehicles is that it ensures the fleet’s overall safety. GPS tracking systems help you identify any problem that any of your drivers is experiencing before it worsens. This allows you to deal with these issues on time, and in case your drivers require help, they can easily get it from any place. With tracking systems, your drivers’ and vehicles’ safety is enhanced.
Increases productivity
When you are using tracking systems, there will be no wastage of time by your drivers. Therefore, this ensures that they make use of their time delivering the supplies to your customers. This leads to increased production.
It reduces insurance costs
When supply companies have GPS tracking systems on their fleets, their drivers ensure that they comply with the traffic law. This reduces cases of overspeeding, reckless driving, and also receiving calls when driving. All of these behaviors lead to increased insurance costs. However, with tracking systems, they will be discouraged, thereby reducing insurance costs.
Reduces theft of delivery vehicles
Thieves are also very bright. They will not attempt to steal a vehicle that is being tracked using tracking systems. Therefore, your cars will always be safe as they deliver supplies in any location.


Which GPS Vehicle Tracking Options are Best for Medical Supply Companies?

Different GPS Vehicle Tracking options can be used by the supply companies to keep track of their delivery fleets. The following are some of the Tracking Options that are best for supply companies.

Value track
SAT Track
Fleet Track IQ
Vehicle Track


6 Tips When Choosing a GPS Device

Choosing devices has become very tough for so many people. This is because most buyers do not know what to look for when selecting them. The following tips can be helpful when you are choosing a GPS device for your fleets.

Consider your needs

Whenever you are shopping for devices, you have to be very specific to your needs. This is because there are so many providers in the market today. Ensure that you choose the device that will meet your needs.

Consider the battery life

These devices consume a lot of power when they are in use. This reduces the life of the battery. To avoid being stranded when the battery dies, you have to ensure that you get the GPS Device that has longer battery life.

Decide between real tracking or passive tracking device

Before you select your device, you have to decide whether you need the device that will allow real-time tracking or passive tracking. To make the right decision, research on the two types of devices first.

Consider the quality of the hardware of the GPS Device

The hardware quality is another important thing that you have to consider when choosing a GPS Device. This is because there are other devices with tracking units of low quality in the market today. Ensure that you have selected a device with high- quality hardware. This ensures that your device withstands any harsh conditions, encountered on the way.

Consider the quality of the GPS device

Most buyers consider the cost of the GPS device they choose over the quality of the device. Ensure that you do not make the same mistake. You should always make sure that you choose a high-quality GPS device.

Choose a GPS device that is user friendly

It is also advisable that you choose the device that will be easy to use. This is because some are so complicated, making it very hard for people to use them.

Common Types of Medical Supply Companies GPS Systems Help

GPs systems help different types of supply companies solve the issues they have when it comes to managing fleets. Some of these types of supply companies include:

Storage & Transportation medical supply companies

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) medical supply companies

Diagnostic Medical Equipment medical supply companies

Electronic Medical Equipment medical supply companies