GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for Semi-Trucks & Trailers

Among the greatest developments that have been brought to the transportation industries is that of fleet tracking. Fleet tracking uses location technology to track and monitor specific fleet and the sensors in these vehicles establish data that are analyzed by the programmed software.

Companies that use trucks to deliver products and services to their customers are required to have GPS truck and vehicle tracking software
Businesses have financial benefits when they monitor and control their fleet that they can increase their productivity and reduction of cost. When a business has GPS technologies it will be able to view, review, and monitor their fleet using GPS data to enable them to grow faster. The tracker will enable you to see the behavior of your new teen driver and frequent monitoring of high-risk drivers.

With GPS technologies you will be able to get their tracking system which is easy, efficient, and effective to use.

Reasons for Choosing GPS Technologies
Products and services are available to small and large businesses.
This creates a way to grow business productivity to all kinds of business. It will help to reduce bias in business.

They source the right equipment for your specific need
When the customers have different needs they will be able to give solutions according to your need.
GPS Technologies does not require a long term contract. Most providers require a contract. We charge one of the lowest monthly fees in the market for minute to minute updates.

Tips for Choosing GPS Tracking for Your Fleet

Ability to identify specific trips taken
The chosen GPS track should be able to give information to tracks on all trips undertaken by your trucks. The information to be provided by the system such as the kilometer covered, engine time and idling, speed in terms of average speed, and over speed and be able to be displayed graphically on a map.
Tracks in real-time
The wireless network system should be able to process the information on your current car location on a real-time basis.
Provides alerts
The system should give message alerts on fuel consumption, behavior, and actions of your driver. The various alerts can also include; speeding alerts, tampering alerts, maintenance, and route deviation alerts.
Protection from Geo-fencing
This is a recently made feature that will enable the business to see the boundaries around your fleet. It sends alerts through email or texts on whether something leaves or enters your surroundings. The system provides a security level to your fleet when on stoppage or moving.
Create historical reports and dashboard summary
It is very useful on a large fleet for commercial use. It enables the business owner(s) to get periodic reports on given events. It also provides information concerning your fleet within 90 days. The dashboards can give solutions on tracking in reports presented graphically.
Ease of installation
Before you decide the GPS track make sure you consider the ease of installation and maintenance and be able to be installed beneath the dashboard of your trailers and semi-trucks. The wiring harness is a very simple 3 wire installation for the majority of situations. Additional wiring is available for added needs.

Benefits of Fleet GPS Tracking

Ensures safe driving
Every business that relies on the transportation of products and services must ensure the safety of the assets and workforce. Vehicle fleet manager software can monitor the drivers’ actions and provide timely corrections if necessary. Unsafe behaviors such as hard braking, excessive acceleration, and speeding can be quickly corrected.

Customers’ services are enhanced
GPS tracking system gives a live update to the dispatchers on the status of the delivery. Real-time mapping provides the precise location of your vehicle and and when your customers can expect delivery.

Protection from theft
GPS tracking can provide authorities with valuable location information in the event your vehicle is stolen.

Track Your fleet with ease

In every business dealing with transportation, it is imperative to use GPS tracking systems to ensure effective operation between the business and its customers