SVR Tracking Service

SVR Tracking ensures Used Car dealers the ability to sell high-end vehicles without concern, as it allows for reliable tracking at all times. As a dealer, you know that you need to be able to easily repossess a vehicle in the instance of non-payment, and the hinderances that can prevent this. This tracking service provides easy-to-use and understandable tracking information, allowing for immediate recovery of vehicles when needed. This security of mind allows you to take more calculated risks on sales, working with customers to accept smaller down payments, and improving your ability to collect on loans.

What are the benefits of SVR Tracking?

Continuous Tracking

With SVR Tracking Service, you won’t just know where your vehicles are. You will also know how they got there so you can figure out where they are likely to go next. SVR Tracking updates your asset’s location every two minutes while it is in motion. The tracking service also provides a four-hour heartbeat when your vehicle is stopped.

Tracking begins as soon as the SVR Tracking unit is activated. There are no limits on monitoring locations.

Intuitive Display

SVR Tracking’s user-friendly dashboard displays detailed information you can use to monitor the movement of every vehicle that you have sold. The graphical display tells you everything you need to know at a glance, while SVR reporting functions can store all the information you need for tracking and potential repossession.

Industry-Leading Devices

Backup batteries, dual antennae, and state-of-the-art components are engineered into all SVR devices. Your tracking units are designed with durability in mind.

Easy Sharing of Information

No single individual in your dispatch office has to be responsible for monitoring vehicles. Dashboards can be set up for multiple users at your dealership.

Impound Notification

SVR Tracking maintains GPS coordinates for thousands of impound yards. If your vehicle enters an impound yard, you will be notified immediately.

Quick Recovery

SVR Tracking preserves historical stop information and continuous live tracking that will ensure that your recovery efforts are as fast and efficient as possible. 

Critical Alerts

GPS Technologies can set up your SVR Tracking to include a range of custom alerts for inventory management, lot notifications, and maintenance.

Top Stops

SVR Tracking displays each vehicle’s top five stops and their duration over a six-month period.

Service Warranty

GPS Technologies offers a three-year warranty for all SVR Tracking products and services. We stand behind all the products and services we sell.

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What Kind of a Difference Can SVR Tracking Make to Your Bottom Line?

The information you get from SVR Tracking makes a big difference to your bottom line immediately?

  • With SVR Tracking, you are able to work with customers who are deemed “high risk,” allowing to extend higher lines of credit, and accepting lower initial down-payments. This will also improve your overall ability to collect on your loans.
  • SVR Tracking boosts your dealership’s ability to sell and lease high-end vehicles, allowing you to insulate yourself from risk.
  • Our SVR Tracking Service makes it easier for you to carry out repossessions when necessary, with live updates and historical stop data, you have the ability to know where your vehicles are most likely to be.

SVR Tracking usually pays for itself. Your ability to prevent even one major asset from “falling off the radar” prevents losses that are a whole lot more than the annual cost of the service. 

GPS Technologies is a national distributor of SVR Tracking and other GPS location services.  At GPS Technologies, we are committed to helping you find exactly the right tracking solution that meets your needs. Contact us online or call us for a free quote at (847) 382-5107 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri EST.