Feature Rich, GPS Tracking and Fleet Management System for Mobile Phones and Pads

AirIQ mobileTo get the AirIQ IQ mobile app: Go to the App Store on your Smart Phone and search for AirIQ Fleet. Download the app and follow the onscreen instructions. The App is FREE

Easy to use – no additional cost.
The AirIQ Mobile application is an exiting new feature that is compatible with Android and iOs devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

With the AirIQ Mobile application, you can see key information on your smart phone about your drivers anytime, anywhere. With 24/7 access, Google maps and Street view capability managing your fleet has never been easier.

  • Know where your vehicles are
  • Receive violation alerts
  • Monitor speeding, idling habits and productivity
  • Locate closest driver for better customer service

AirIQ GPS seamlessly integrates robust dispatch functionality. Other solutions allow you to dispatch jobs one at a time. With AirIQ, you can store and send up to 30 days of dispatch instructions. AirIQ also supports two-way messaging with drivers, who must respond to each request you send. And it gives you full visibility into jobs that employees have deleted, preventing “miscommunication” about expectations.

AirIQ GPS supports better business decisions. With AirIQ’s web dashboard, it’s easy to view in-the-moment and historical information about the performance of your fleet. Through customizable reports, you can monitor employee, vehicle, and overall productivity. You can identify and address recurring issues. You can even track vehicle maintenance — helping ensure that preventative service is performed as scheduled.

AirIQ GPS pays for itself. Used properly, AirIQ empowers you to save significantly on insurance premiums, fuel and overtime costs, and vehicle repairs. It also enables you to increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. In other words, this solution typically pays for itself within a matter of months.

Features and Benefits:

  • Real time, web based with 1 minute updates
  • Automatic alerts notification for speeding, excessive idling, maintenance,
  • movement after hours
  • Optional Sensor to monitor specific events.
  • Summary of miles driven daily, weekly, monthly allowing you to measure gas use.
  • 3-D Google Earth Mapping
  • Garmin Integration for 2-way driver messaging, route dispatching and turn-by-turn instructions
  • Increase driver productivity while enhancing customer service
  • Better measure, monitor, and manage fleet performance
  • Reduce operating expenses- including fuel costs, overtime pay, and insurance premiums
  • Enhance safety and reduce liability