Low-Cost, on Demand Asset Tracking System

Asset Track 607, with a built in antenna and small size is perfect to locate any asset in the field on demand. Asset Track can be used with all 12 volt construction equipment, generators, Trailers, 4 wheelers, Golf Carts, etc. This unit is a perfect fit for the used car, truck and car leasing market. The Asset Track 607 will automatically update every day or you can locate it whenever needed. Geo fences or zones will alert you when a unit is moved. A starter disable can be added to shut the vehicle down if needed. This is an excellent theft retrieval device and will qualify for an insurance discount with most insurance companies. Talk to your insurance company to find out what discount they off.


  • 2 year warranty on hardware and guaranteed repair after warranty
  • Low battery notification
  • 4 Built-in Geo-Fences (Faster than software created Geo Fences)
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption (<1mA)
  • Super Sensitive GPS Antenna
  • Built in GSM & GPS Antennas (No antenna to install)
  • GPRS & SMS-Based Messaging
  • Locates vehicle in 3 to 5 seconds (in coverage area)
  • 850 Messages good for one year (Asset Track 607 only)
  • Asset Track 607 Auto-locates every 25 hours, to build a great history (350 messages)

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