What Are the Benefits of Live GPS Tracking in 2018

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Real-time GPS tracking has come a long way since the first satellites were sent up in 1978, but as with any significant change in the status quo, many businesses are still leery about letting go of their previous, tried-and-true methods.

Some might also be made wary by the greater oversight that such technology gives over employee actions. Does using it mean that a manager doesn’t trust his workers or that drivers can’t be relied on to do their jobs incorrectly?

Not at all. GPS can certainly be used to correct course if it’s necessary, but it can also simply be a way to improve the quality of life of everyone in the company. Smoother performance and more relaxed regulation of the little details benefit all circles in the end, and fleet tracking is the most significant way for a transportation agency to streamline their services and raise their bottom line.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

Despite the actual conversion from paper to digital requiring a decent amount of time and effort, the big picture shows that the more accurate monitoring and recording capabilities of real-time GPS tracking can benefit companies in many ways:

1. Knowing how your workers are handling the long hours on the road can give you the information you need to reduce high transportation costs as well as help you

  • Identify the most fuel-efficient roads.
  • Spot risky driving behavior to correct before it causes an accident.

2. Moreover, because of its potential to make for safer roads, many insurance plans will give companies lower rates if their fleets are equipped with live GPS tracking, a win-win for both those looking to save some money on their investments and those sharing the miles with the potentially dangerous big rigs.

What else can real time GPS tracking do for my business?

The above perks that come with using real-time GPS tracking are the most obvious (being financially minded, of course), but there are subtler, more long-term advantages for those who are willing utilize the technology to its fullest potential:

1. Once they know how to use their devices, the management and accountability of your drivers can be made much more straightforward, giving operations more information to base schedules around and a much clearer insight into whether their employees are staying within their hours, making deliveries on time, and utilizing resources responsibility.

2. The customer is “always right,” since it’s by their patronage that allows a company to sink or swim. With an easier-accessed and more accurate system to keep track of your trucks, you can go the extra mile for customers with up-to-date information on their order and locate the nearest available driver should an emergency arise. The more you can do for your existing clients, the better your chances of repeat business and being recommended to new ones!

There are plenty of benefits that make upgrading to live GPS tracking worthwhile.

The change that comes with getting live GPS tracking up and running may seem daunting, but the upgrade can be a smooth one that proves well worth the effort if you take the time to find a reliable company that best supports your fleet’s particular needs. As the technology continues to improve and evolve, it’s likely to become increasingly ubiquitous in all areas of life, whether we want to use it or not; why not get ahead of the curve and reap the benefits now?

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