Significant Features of Smart Track Fleet Management System

April 11, 2016 Published by

Maintaining and organizing fleet vehicles or field personnel is not easy without a trustworthy central system accessible at all levels of the business. Fortunately there are many such types of systems exist in the market which can perform these crucial services and name of such device is- smart track fleet management system or vehicle tracking systems. There systems have been developed to handle all aspects of running and maintaining a fleet.  Different fleet management systems come with different features; you can choose any as per your need and budget. Today there are many companies in the market which offer fleet... View Article

Smart Fleet Vehicle Tracking- A Helping Hand to your Business!

March 28, 2016 Published by

Nowadays, most of the people prefer smart fleet vehicle tracking device which is fixed inside the vehicle along with a server and software that allows the owner to track the truck. Usually, it is used by companies that have several numbers of contractors on the road like courier, electrical and plumbing businesses are increasingly installing tracking solutions. This software is also used by taxi and limousine companies to increase their efficiency. There are many advantages of using this device, which are as follows: Saves fuel- when you install standard smart fleet GPS models, you can save a lot of money... View Article

Why GPS Vehicle Tracking System is Essential for your Business

March 14, 2016 Published by

GPS stands for global positioning system which was first used by US army to track their army men in different parts of the world; but now, this system is used to track all types of vehicle. GPS gathers information about the location of the vehicle and sends it to the owner of the vehicle. The owner can then check the information to the laptop, mobile or computer and inform it to his clients.  GPS tracking device is mostly used in fleet and courier business. Here are some of the following points which show why GPS vehicle tracking system is essential... View Article

How GPS Tracking Systems Beneficial for Your Truck?

March 7, 2016 Published by

Truck Tracking systems have become extremely popular these days, especially as GPS systems have grown more reasonable for companies to invest in. This system is quite common in cars to track the locations and give directions, but in trucks more than lavishness, it’s a need. Still many people do not understand the importance of truck tracking device but reality is that this system is necessary for your company’s success and smooth work. Let us know all the necessary information about truck tracking system. How Truck Tracking works? The company you choose for truck tracking will install a GPS into the... View Article

GPS Technologies Expand 3G CDMA Product

March 5, 2016 Published by

GPS Technologies continues to expand their incredible 3G CDMA product to new customers. Youngstown, OH has combined passive and live systems with their city vehicles. The passive system allows them to cut costs by not incurring a monthly fee for “live” downloads. They collect the data automatically when the vehicle returns to base. Their Police Department utilizes “live” tracking with one minute updatiing for constant communication. They can track every time a squad car activates lights, sirens, gun locks, on board computer, etc. This amount of detail provides back up for all incidents the vehicles may be involved in. The... View Article