5 Reasons to Leverage a Fleet GPS Service

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Managing a fleet of vehicles—whether it’s just a few or it numbers in the dozens or hundreds – is a tremendous task. Not only does each vehicle need to be managed independently (maintenance, cargo, driver, etc.), they all comprise a hefty portion of your business’ overall logistics and need to have comprehensive oversight.

Managing all of your fleet vehicles may seem like a daunting task, but it’s made infinitely easier with a fleet GPS monitoring service. Being able to monitor vehicles independently and as part of the whole fleet means being able to cultivate GPS data from every vehicle and leverage it to see the sum of your entire fleet’s many parts. Then, it’s easy to put this data to work in optimizing your fleet.

Take a look at 5 different ways fleet data from each individual vehicle can be used to improve your overall level of operations:

  • Vehicle use: Are you utilizing each vehicle to its fullest? This question can help you determine many important data points, including what your potential for growth is with your current fleet, or how you can expect to expand that fleet in the near-to-distant future. If you’re underutilizing vehicles or over-utilizing others, it’s easy to spot areas of adjustment and improvement via GPS data.
  • Automate maintenance: Vehicles need frequent routine maintenance to stay running in top condition. From oil changes to fluid flushes, brakes to belts and beyond, all of these items are on a sliding timeline for service. GPS data can help you track and automate each vehicle’s maintenance needs, to keep the entire fleet operational. Downtime of one vehicle is sure to burden another—GPS tracking mitigates this prospect by ensuring all vehicles are functioning to their fullest.
  • Increased driver accountability: The drivers behind the wheel of your fleet have a substantial role on how efficient and successful it is. Ensuring drivers are living up to your high standards is easy when you have GPS data on your side. You can help drivers to improve their individual driving habits to increase productivity, while also promoting responsibility out on the road. Higher accountability for each driver pushes the whole fleet forward.
  • Vehicle tracking: Record keeping is essential, and there’s no better way to automate record keeping than with a fleet GPS monitoring service. Knowing where your vehicles are, where they’ve been, when they were there and where they’re going gives you a real-time and historical picture of important data that can be applied across a wide range of business facets.
  • Projections: Bidding on a new contract? Considering hiring new employees? Want to plan out schedules for a week or month? Having GPS data from your fleet to support your projections means being able to better anticipate business in the future. You can make smarter hypotheses and better-informed decisions with a little bit of data on your side.

If you’re managing a fleet, ask yourself what tools you currently have at your disposal. Could a fleet GPS monitoring system improve your capabilities? If so, contact GPS Technologies to learn more about the systems we can provide.

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