5 Ways Fleet Management Software Can Improve Productivity

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5 Ways Fleet Management Software Can Improve Productivity

Some decades ago, managing a commercial fleet was quite a task, and service managers had a lot of manual work to do, which was tricky and confusing when it came to organizing work. Many managers could not figure out what to prioritize.

All they knew is that they had to ensure their drivers’ safety, handle operations, monitor their driver performance, and keep auto checks in a row.
Thanks to technology, fleet management is now automated globally, and the transportation industry can now work with ease. Today’s transportation industry has greatly improved with fleet management software, which eases the big tasks.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is an application that collects, keeps, processes, detects, and creates activity reports in an entire transportation pattern, including road conditions, fuel, driver, accidents, and vehicles used.
When it comes to the corporate sector, the software controls the driver’s communication, performance, and compliance. Sometimes, the software integrates with other systems so that it can run complex reward systems.

Usually, these management programs are integrated with cameras that record road and driver activities. Only a few management systems use modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence to capture and examine data more naturally.

Fleet management software is essential and can improve productivity in many ways, as discussed below.

Fuel Efficiency

Over speeding or driving beyond speed limits consumes more fuel. However, a fuel management plan is the right way of ensuring you aren’t using up a lot of fuel.
Fuel planning includes key metrics such as fuel tendency, chances of fuel reduction, and permitted fuel card usage. The plan can be used to determine vehicle fuel usage and fuel card transaction information.

Sometimes, the software can go to the extent of alerting you when your drivers are using excessive fuel or buying unauthorized excessive fuel, which is a sturdy foundation for your transportation business.

Apart from fuel monitoring, you can also carry out a fleet management solution to get hold of simultaneous reports that detect your vehicle’s speed, braking, and acceleration. Keeping track of these factors minimize total fuel usage.


Customer Satisfaction Improvement

It is essential to have happy customers in your business. Happy customers are returning customers, and they also give positive reviews for your business. Positive reviews, in-turn, drag more traffic to your business, and before you know it, your company begins to thrive.
Generally, a centralized management system gives you a complete vision of your business’s every feature 24/7.
The software enables you to track all your employees and vehicles throughout the day easily. It also allows you to modify your business according to customer changes, invoicing, equipment’s and employees on the job, and keeping your customers satisfied.

Monitors Drivers Behavior and Safety

Fleet management software helps you to shift your attention from your vehicles to your drivers. Your business performance depends on your driver’s behavior and can either increase or decrease your dividends in the long run.
Enforcing safe driving habits among your drivers minimizes accidents and risk rates, and if you are lucky enough, you receive incentives from your insurance company.

Insurance Protection

One of the safety measures in this business is protecting people on the road while driving on the same road. Safety measures offer a lot of advantages; primarily where management software is used.

As earlier mentioned, fleet management improves your relationship with insurance companies.

Insurance companies give you discounts when you use efficient management systems. The more safety measures you input in your business, the more pleasant your providers will be, and the more they extend your benefits.

Data sharing between the insurance company and fleet business owners has become progressively familiar. The connected car market has expanded and is estimated to be worth billions. Since growth is inevitable, many insurance companies may soon ask for management software for more cost-effective trade-ins.

Customized API Integrations

Today, many fleet management companies can offer your business intelligence information. This is made possible by a wholly customized API module that you can add to your third-party software and other operational business solutions simultaneously.

But how does the Application Program Interfaces work? Well, it allows various programs or chunks of the same program to interact with each other. Its integration allows your software to communicate with a new program. This results in the sharing of information from segregated programs.
It also gives you the chance to combine and compare data in one place, like comparing data maintenance with telematics. With customized API integrations, the software offers a lot of benefits in fleet management tasks such as:

  • Job scheduling
  • Data mapping
  • Time clock software
  • Data maintenance usage

Managing a fleet of vehicles is difficult for many managers especially when there are significant operational scales and huge budget allocations. However, there is only one way of beating such complexity: integrating the fleet management software.

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