GPS Tracking for Commercial Trucks

Manual fleet management can be costly and, in most cases, extremely time-consuming. It can also be difficult to obtain real-time data on your fleets’ movement and location. As such, a good number of businesses rely upon GPS monitoring for accurate and automated fleet management. Today, GPS technologies can offer personal and team monitoring, as well as monitoring services so that you can obtain real-time information on the location and movements of your vehicles. Here are a few things you should know about GPS tracking:

5 Factors Affecting the Cost to Equip a Fleet With Trackers

There are several factors that will determine how much you will ultimately pay for these systems. These can include the needs and size of your team, the features you may require, and any additional hardware that is needed. Many companies will typically price these management systems based on the cost of hardware devices, software licenses, installation services, and training.

Here’s How Much Money You Could Save by Tracking your Trucks

One of the primary benefits of monitoring your tracks is that it allows you to save money. While the initial costs may seem high, you will enjoy significant cost savings in the long run.

#1 Fuel Savings

Part of the information you will get when you use management systems is how long your individual drivers allow the vehicles to idle. You will also obtain data on how fast the idling vehicles use up fuel. This data, together with improvements in routing, will enable you to save you an average of 13.2 percent on fuel for each operation, savings that can amount to up to a third of your operation’s budget.

#2 Fewer Emissions

Trucking your trucks will help you lower your fuel costs, meaning that your operation will result in less greenhouse gas emission from the vehicles. Estimates show that the systems will enable you to save up to $250 per vehicle annually and cut carbon emissions by about 2,500 pounds per vehicle every year.

#3 Less Travel Time

Most management systems will not only identify the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes but also help you to avoid empty runs. This means that travel time will be reduced and drivers will have more downtime between routes. Using traffic-sensitive navigation systems enables drivers to cut up to 18 percent on the road for every trip, translating to a total of four days in a year for the average driver.

#4 Faster Service

In terms of time savings, these systems will help you save about 54 minutes per day on your transportation operations. These figures translate to $5,484 in savings for every employee.

#5 Less Harsh Braking

Fleet management systems can track sudden stops, providing managers with information when drivers brake harshly often. The managers can then take steps to help cut down on the incidents, a factor that will keep vehicles’ brake pads in good condition for longer. This will save you a significant amount of money on repair costs.

5 More Benefits of Fleet Tracking

The benefits of monitoring go beyond savings. There are many more positive ways in which a GPS monitoring system can impact your business.

#1 Improved Customer Service

Implementing the right tracking system can help your company to improve customer service. With the efficiency that the system will help you achieve, there will be an increase in the number of calls that you complete in a day. Service technicians will also be better placed to arrive within the promised response time, a factor that will improve customer service and customer satisfaction. In the end, you will increase your service revenues.

#2 Better Supervision and Safety

A good monitoring system will allow you to monitor the location and status of your vehicles and movable assets. This will ensure better supervision, improved vehicle maintenance and increased employee accountability. Getting accurate and real-time information relating to unsafe driving will help to keep both your employees and assets safe. Better supervision and safety will ultimately lead to an increase in productivity.

#3 Reduced Labor Costs

Automating your management processes allows you to allocate resources more efficiently. Drivers will be reported at the start of their shift, when they make stops along the way as well as at the time of completion of the trip. This will help you to deal with those employees who pass company time in less productive ways, effectively improving the efficiency of your team as well as your labor costs.

#4 Enhanced Efficiency

When there is improved driver behavior and life-cycle management, your company is likely to be more efficient. Your employees will spend time more effectively, safety will be increased and managers will have more control. These factors will work together to ensure improved and efficient business processes.

#5 Increased Revenue

Every business works on ways to minimize costs and increase revenues. Implementing a management system allows you to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve customer satisfaction. A higher number of completed orders every day will translate to revenue growth.

Commercial Truck Tracking - Improved Customer Service

Fleet Tracking Options

There are several options we offer for your consideration when looking to monitor and manage your vehicles.

Vehicle Track

Vehicle Track is a small GPS device that allows you to view the location and status of your vehicles around the clock. The full-time tracker also gives you access to comprehensive reporting data and monitoring history. You will receive updates relating to stops and stop lengths, miles driven, speeds, routes taken and the address of your assets. This will help you to manage costs and improve efficiency.

Value Track

This affordable, full-time monitoring device provides updates in one, two, or five-minute intervals. You will receive up-to-date information on stops, stop lengths, routes followed, mileage is driven, ignition on and off, idle time, and Google map views of all locations. Additional features include built-in Geo fences, landmarking, and speed alerts via email. You can also choose to have the unit installed discreetly so that drivers are unaware that they are being monitored if necessary.

Fleet Track IQ

The Fleet Track IQ
is a 4G unit that will supply you with complete data reporting and monitoring history. Apart from allowing you to view your vehicles 24 hours a day, the device also provides one-minute updates on important details such as stop lengths, routes and miles driven, speeds, idle times, hard-driving, bad driving habits, and hard braking. Reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure you have accurate data on your team’s performance.

Sat Track

With the Sat Track all-satellite GPS monitoring system, you will be able to access information on the location and status of your entire team of vehicles at all times. The high speed of the satellite networks allows you to get valuable data and real-time updates quickly. In addition, the GPS system lets you communicate directly with drivers so you can adjust routes, alert them of emergency situations, and schedule additional pick-ups, which helps to lower your operating costs and enhance productivity.

Reliable Tracking for Your Fleet of Trucks

Equipping your trucks with the right trackers will benefit your business, and enable you to better serve your customers. However, choosing the most suitable monitoring system will require that you consider your needs, and work with a reliable company for the best fleet tracking solutions.