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GPS Tracking Laws by State

July 26, 2021 Published by

Peace of mind is a priceless commodity. GPS tracking systems can give you the calm assurance that you track your fleet at all times, and you can be almost instantly available to assist your operators. But peace of mind isn’t all trucking companies gain from their GPS tracking systems. Since 1998, GPS tracking systems by GPS technologies have saved our customers millions of dollars. GPS data both prevents theft and aids in recovery. GPS data powers telematics that help you keep tabs on your drivers and their rigs, so you can anticipate and take care of problems before they interfere... View Article

7 Teen Driving Tips

July 22, 2021 Published by

Motor vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of death among U.S. teens. 2,375 teenagers aged 13-19 died in 2019 from crash-related injuries. It’s far more dangerous to be a teen driver today. Research shows that driver risk is highest at the age of sixteen. The crash rate per mile driven for teens between 16 and 17 is four times that of drivers 20 and older; the fatal crash rate per mile is four times as high. If you are a teen driver or the parent of one, this is what you need to know about teen driver safety before... View Article

5 Ways Fleet Management Software Can Improve Productivity

January 29, 2021 Published by

5 Ways Fleet Management Software Can Improve Productivity Some decades ago, managing a commercial fleet was quite a task, and service managers had a lot of manual work to do, which was tricky and confusing when it came to organizing work. Many managers could not figure out what to prioritize. All they knew is that they had to ensure their drivers’ safety, handle operations, monitor their driver performance, and keep auto checks in a row. Thanks to technology, fleet management is now automated globally, and the transportation industry can now work with ease. Today’s transportation industry has greatly improved with... View Article

What Is Fleet Management? Everything You Need to Know

January 15, 2021 Published by

Fleet managers use fleet management tools to keep track of the operations. If fleet management is done appropriately, it enables accurate reporting. But fleet management is not easy. Most organizations require assistance to keep things running smoothly. What Is Fleet Management? Fleet management is the process of ensuring commercial vehicles function appropriately. In most cases, it involves the control of the following: Rail cars Commercial motor vehicles Aviation machinery Non- powered assets Ships The primary purpose of fleet management is to ensure proper performance and keep in check operations. As a result, there is improved efficiency and reduced costs across... View Article

Can You Track a Dash Cam in Real Time?

November 18, 2020 Published by

More and more drivers are using dash cams today. They have always been used by fleets, police, and other professionals, but their benefits are really shining now. What are these benefits? Can you track a dash cam in real time? Let us examine these questions. What Are the Benefits of a Dash Camera?  The idea behind dash cameras was to record the circumstances leading up to and during a collision. Insurance companies want to know the speed, direction, any weather conditions, driver distraction, whether the driver was in the right, and more to process a claim. Dash cams give the... View Article

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