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How GPS Tracking Helps Police Catch Criminals

February 7, 2019 Published by
Male police officer with close cut greying dark hair in foreground looks on while 2 other police officers corral a suspect towards a fleet of white unmarked police cars in the background.

The evolution of satellite-based GPS tracking technology from a privileged military project to a ubiquitous everyday convenience has naturally caused the location tracking and navigation technology to trickle down and out into multiple branches of civilian and commercial life, from personal cell phones to private businesses to gaming consoles, and more. While such open availability and convenience come with their share of risks and potential for abuse, that pendulum swings both ways. As a result, the technology has helped law enforcement in their efforts We’ve written before on how GPS tracking helps police catch criminals. And while there have yet... View Article

Did a Movie Star Lead the Invention of GPS?

January 24, 2019 Published by
B/W image Close up of the face of 19040's actress Hedy Lamarr, a woman with dark brown hair and eyes.

They’re beautiful, they’re rich, and they live the types of lives that most of us can only dream of. Whether it’s deserved or not, the Hollywood elite isn’t generally considered to be the smartest of our society. This isn’t to imply that they’re clueless or ignorant by any means; you just don’t expect the A-listers who make their living off of looking good and mugging for the camera to really need to have the kind of brains that can revolutionize the scientific field for generations to come. As a result, you may wonder why anyone would ask if a movie... View Article

What is GPS Satellite Tracking?

January 10, 2019 Published by
What is GPS Satellite Tracking_

Global Positioning System or GPS tracking uses the Global Navigation System (GNSS) network to provide the exact location as well as the movement of a vehicle, object, or person. It uses a range of GPS satellites that employ microwave signals. These signals can be transmitted to GPS devices and can provide information such as location, vehicle speed, time, duration, and direction. GPS satellite tracking is a valuable tool that your company can use to manage your fleet and coordinate your workforce when it’s spread across the map, including in remote areas. What kinds of information can satellite tracking devices provide?... View Article

What is Fleet Management?

December 27, 2018 Published by
Neon Green Semi-Truck speeds past fall foliage on the highway

Fleet management: you’ve heard the term, but are you certain that you know what it refers to? The two words umbrella a diverse set of responsibilities and business concepts that are vital to many different companies and types of service. It includes tools that help you minimize costs, keep your investments and your employees safe, and helps ensure you stay ELD compliant. Use our handy guide as a cheat sheet to get your know-how started, and learn how GPS technology is vital to the job as it stands today! What constitutes fleet management? If your business spreads its goods and/or... View Article

Is Your Fleet Ready for Teen Drivers?

December 12, 2018 Published by
two semi trucks, 1 dark blue and 1 white drive down the highway with snow-capped mountains and farmland in the background.

With a perceived shortage in hires that is only increasing every year and a steady, impending rise in demand for yet more drivers in the coming decade, the trucking industry is in a bit of a bind. As companies continue to deal with an extremely high turnover rate and competition from e-commerce, some people in the transportation business are hoping that Washington will soon provide them a boon to combat the yawning deficit by giving them access to a previously underutilized and largely untapped resource: teenagers. So, is your fleet ready to hire teen drivers? You probably have a pretty... View Article

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