Can You Track a Dash Cam in Real Time?

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More and more drivers are using dash cams today. They have always been used by fleets, police, and other professionals, but their benefits are really shining now. What are these benefits? Can you track a dash cam in real time? Let us examine these questions.

What Are the Benefits of a Dash Camera?

The idea behind dash cameras was to record the circumstances leading up to and during a collision. Insurance companies want to know the speed, direction, any weather conditions, driver distraction, whether the driver was in the right, and more to process a claim. Dash cams give the insurance companies the information they need.

In the case of company fleets and other professional drivers, management needs to know if any reckless drivers are costing them money by causing accidents. They also need to know if the routes taken are more populated with careless drivers that could cause accidents. Dash cams save a lot of money, lives, and vehicles. Other benefits include

  • Evidence: Insurance companies are not the only ones who want to see what happened. If the accident goes to court, the judge is going to want to see the evidence. The more comprehensive the evidence, the better the chance of a favorable verdict. The driver with the dashcam might even be awarded enough money to repair the vehicle or get a new one.

Additionally, drivers with a dash cam who witness an accident, see a drunk or distracted driver, or a road rage incident can present evidence to the police or in court that will help in the case.

  • Fraud: Scammers choose fleets and individuals driving high end vehicles to involve in an accident to garner as much money as they can. Scammers even become injured in accidents to get the drivers to pay for medical attention. Most drivers have no resources with which to prove fraud, so scammers get away with it.

Dash cams provide real time proof of the cause of the accident. This prevents scammers from extorting money and medical aid from drivers and fleets.

  • Parking Incidents: Have you ever come out of work to go home only to find your car scratched or dented from another car scraping it to get out or opening a door into your car? What about getting in your car at home just to see a scrape or dent from your neighbor trying to get out? You have no proof of the responsible party, so you are left with the cost of repairs. Dash cams are your proof.
  • The unexplained: Your taxis accrue extra miles, but no one seems to know why. Your driver education vehicles show mileage after hours. The kids might have taken the car without your knowledge, but you cannot prove it. You take your car for repairs, but the same problem keeps occurring, and it is getting expensive. Dash cams are your answer because they record both inside and outside the vehicle, speed, real time, and route.
  • Lower insurance rates: Many insurers are now aware of the benefits of dash cams. Preventive measures in any endeavor involving insurers are now rewarded. As a result, rates for dash cam users are lower.

What Are the Benefits of a Dash Camera

Can I Track My Dash Cam in Real Time?

A camera, dashboard mounted or otherwise, only records what it sees. Add GPS to the mix, and you get time, place, speed, road names, the position of other cars, and a compass among other features. All you need are the GPS coordinates, and you can track a vehicle any time you wish.

Perhaps the most important thing about GPS is that it tracks the speed of the vehicle before the incident. It captures the names of roads and speed limit signs as well. The playback including this pertinent information will exonerate the driver if he is not at fault. This is useful if the driver is in unfamiliar territory.

Anyone with a cab company, a fleet of food delivery vehicles, repair or work trucks, or anyone with an eye to protecting their teen drivers can sync a dash cam with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The fear and emotion involved in an accident can make drivers forget pertinent points. With the touch on an app, drivers can use their real time tracking to get around the fear and emotion to get the facts.

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