Keeps an eye on your Vehicle with Vehicle Tracking System

July 18, 2016 Published by

What is vehicle tracking system and how can it help in any business? This is possibly the question in the minds of most of the business owners that have heard something about vehicle tracking device. Vehicle tracking allows business owners or managers to see the site of the vehicle at all times. It also helps to know the routes taken by the drivers. An employee or a driver using a business vehicle that has a vehicle tracking device installed in it can never lie about his location as you can see everything on a map. What is vehicle tracking system... View Article

Track Your Vehicles Location from Home

July 12, 2016 Published by

GPS technology was developed in the U.S. for safety and defence purposes. Modern GPS tracking technology has advanced since its public release. Now people can install GPS tracking devices in their vehicles to monitor the location, previous stops, routes followed, and even driving speeds. It is greatly beneficial for businesses with fleets of any size to manage their fleet costs using a GPS tracker. These tracking systems come with web-based mapping software where a complete log of each vehicle’s history is stored. How it is beneficial? GPS tracking systems are used by owners and managers to keep an eye on the... View Article

Ride into the 2G Sunset with GPS Technologies

June 30, 2016 Published by

Have you updated your GPS tracking device yet? AT&T and T-Mobile are shutting down their 2G networks to open up more channels for newer technologies to run on. This shut down is also referred to as the 2G Sunset. Consequently, all tracking systems from GPS Technologies are moving away from 2G and transitioning to a 3G network. If you haven’t made the transition yet here’s what you need to know: AT&T is shutting down their entire 2G network. The 2G Sunset has already begun in some locations. By January 1, 2017 all 2G trackers will stop reporting. Until then, 2G... View Article

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking Device and System

June 21, 2016 Published by

Once within the exclusive purview of army and police personnel, GPS tracking devices are now widely available for use in a variety of applications. From keeping tabs on your commercial vehicles to tracking down the movements of a particular person, smart fleet GPS tracking devices are now easily available and widely used. Not only are GPS trackers being used in mobile and other application a wide range of GPS trackers like the Smart Fleet GPS trackers are used to track movements of vehicles in a covert and stealthy manner. Covert GPS tracking devices were not so readily available till some... View Article

Youngstown Achieves its Goals

June 17, 2016 Published by

Three years ago the City of Youngstown required a tracking system that would allow them to better manage their city fleets. They were looking to increase driver accountability during the workday. Having seen the improved efficiency of the Youngstown Police Department, after installing 51 Vehicle Track units in their squad cars, the City of Youngstown decided to, initially, install tracking units in 100 municipal vehicles. The most important factor was cost. The budget approved for the tracking system purchase only allowed for the hardware outlay; the budget did not allow for a recurring annual fee that live systems incur. The... View Article