Why Do We Need Dash Cameras With a GPS Function

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Dash cameras are gaining popularity as people want to know what is happening in front of them. It is also a great way to track what is going on within fleet vehicles. GPS functions can be found in several dash cameras, and this offers an array of benefits to drivers and fleet owners alike.

What are the Benefits of a Dash Camera?

A dash camera offers an array of benefits. They are an affordable piece of hardware that can record hours of video. They can record when the vehicle is driving down the highway, and some even feature motion-sensors to record when the vehicle is parked somewhere.

One of the main benefits of a dash camera is to help you out if another driver hits you. It allows you to have a record of your accident, including proving that you were not responsible for the crash.

If you can prove that the accident was not your fault, it has the potential to save you on your insurance premiums. The person at fault is the one who will have to deal with higher premiums. Additionally, having the coverage may also help speed up your insurance claim because insurance companies will not have to fight about who was at fault, as your dashcam will provide indisputable evidence of who was responsible for the crash.

You may also be able to get out of a ticket because of being able to prove that you did not commit a specific traffic violation. Even before the ticket is written, you can offer the footage from your dash camera. If the officer refuses to watch it, the footage can always be brought to court when you go to contest it.

Footage from your cam can also be used to fight insurance fraud. Whether you were in the accident or your cam caught an accident that looked staged, you can share the footage so that insurance companies are not settling a fraudulent claim.

You can also use the footage to improve driving, whether it is your own personal driving skills, the skills of your teenage driver, or even employees responsible for driving a company vehicle. Just as athletes watch videos of their performances to look at ways to improve, you can do the same with the dash cam footage.

Of course, the added benefit of having a dash cam is that you catch everything happening when you are behind the wheel. This could be an epic drive through a state park, a rockslide, a tree falling, or even a deer running into the middle-of-the-road. You simply never know what is going to happen on the road, so it is best to have a dash cam to capture the footage for you.

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Why Should a Dash Camera have a GPS Function?

As you explore dash cameras, having a GPS function offers added benefits. It will record not only location data but also accurate speeds. When you need to pinpoint where an accident has occurred, the GPS functionality can be invaluable.

While GPS is not required in a dash cam, it can help you to provide useful information when you must share the footage with the police or an insurance company. When you are trying to prove that you were not at fault, it will identify speed limit signs and the speed you were traveling before impact.

Additionally, it can be difficult to identify where an accident took place on many insurance claims where another vehicle was not involved. For example, if you get hit by a deer or are involved in a rockslide, you may file a claim hours later. The dash cam’s GPS feature will identify exactly where the accident took place.

If you are using the footage to talk to a teen driver or employee about their performance behind the wheel, the GPS information will allow you to add more context to what is going on. You can show them the route that they took and the speed that they were going.

An array of GPS fleet and vehicle tracking solutions are available. Whether you want to protect yourself in the event of an accident or want to track a teen, a fleet driver, or any other asset, the technologies are available for you to do so. You will have the opportunity to explore various dash cams to meet your individual needs, all outfitted with GPS to add to the benefits you can experience.

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