Four Bad Habits That Can End with GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Many elements can raise the cost of maintaining business vehicles, and one of them is bad driving habits. However, without a GPS vehicle tracking system, it is almost impossible to know which of your employees developed these habits, unless another employee notices and tells you. Technology is very accurate in discovering bad habits so you can stop them before an accident or increased vehicle wear-and-tear expenses. Here are four bad habits that can end with vehicle tracking:

  • Taking the long way: Whether it is out of ignorance, spite or the need to drag out work to gain overtime hours, drivers may not take the most efficient route to make deliveries or meet with clients. Sometimes this is due to a driver being new to the area and not knowing their way around. In that case, you can show them better routes once you realize that is an issue. But if the driver is artificially extending hours, GPS vehicle tracking discourages this behavior because they know they will likely get caught.
  • Hard braking: Some people have a tendency to slam on the brakes, even when it is not necessary. While this may appear to be cautious driving, it is actually quite dangerous. Drivers who brake hard are more likely to get rear-ended, and while fault would be assigned to the other driver, it still increases your car insurance premiums and may result in a worker’s compensation claim if your driver is injured. Also, hard braking wears out brake pads quicker, which increases repair and maintenance bills. If you can discover this habit early, you can encourage drivers to overcome it.
  • Speeding: The heavy foot is not limited to the brake pedal. Some take “pedal to the metal” literally and drive too fast. This can increase the chance of accidents, especially if your drivers speed up to go through yellow lights, and if there is an accident, speed results in more serious damage. If you have a driver with a tendency to speed, tracking will help you discover that tendency and address the issue. Otherwise, you may end up paying for traffic fines, or worse, a serious injury accident.
  • Side trips: If a delivery or client appointment concludes earlier than expected, some drivers are tempted to finish a personal errand or two. It may be okay if this happens rarely, such as when a family emergency arises while a driver is on a route. However, “that one time” may become several times when drivers realize they may not get caught. This not only uses business hours for personal reasons but adds wear and tear on vehicles. Drivers will often stop these side trips, or keep them infrequent, if they know they are being tracked and that you will review reports on their driving habits.

Sometimes, merely having these systems is a sufficient deterrent against bad driving habits during business hours. GPS Technologies offers several GPS vehicle tracking systems for different budgets and needs. Contact us today to choose a system and arrange for installation.

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