Smart Fleet Track Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices and Management

Smart Fleet Track is a highly accurate and innovative tracking device designed for use in “covert” installation situations. The unit’s one-piece, molded construction virtually eliminates tampering. There are no harness or antenna connections that can be easily unscrewed. The device – approximately the size of a credit card – can be easily installed and hidden under the dash.


  • Next Gen 3-G ready
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce overtime
  • Improve turn around times
  • Control fuel costs
  • Provide proof of billing hours
  • Increase driver accountability


  • Covertly installed – Smart Fleet Track is installed covertly under the dashboard or hidden in the A Frame Pillar. This device does not need any external antenna on windshield or on the roof.
  • Updates – Updates every 2 minutes while vehicle is moving.
  • Heartbeat Function – Smart Fleet Track sends a location report every hour on the hour after ignition is turned off. This feature prevents tampering of the system.
  • Tow Away Alert – Notifies user if a vehicle is moving without the ignition being turned on.
  • Full Google Mapping – Shows full tracking and route replay on choice of Map or Satellite image.
  • Web Application – Easy to use web application
  • Reminders – Vehicle Maintenance reminders
  • Fleet Track Mobile phone application. Click here


  • Unit Size: 3-1/4? X 2? X 1/2?
  • Service area: USA & Canada

Update Plans (Please call to select & order update plans)

Every 2 Minutes
$25.95 /monthThis plan includes unlimited continuous tracking showing your vehicle at two minute intervals* and unlimited alerts from your Smart Fleet Track Tracking unit.

Dispatch & NavigationTerminal.

Efficient dispatch capabilities can be added very simply by including a Garmin Nuvi navigation system to the mix. Not only will your drivers have the capability of dispensing with printed maps in order to find their destination, Garmin will provide efficient voice command directions with street by street turn instructions to help them reach their destinations quickly via the most direct route.

Smart Fleet Track software is preloaded onto your Garmin unit allowing your dispatcher to transmit any data required directly into Garmin via Smart Fleet Track. You can load stops at will or preload future routes at any time. Communication between driver and dispatcher can be done through the Garmin touch screen.

Garmin Nuvi Navigational Terminal – $350.00. (with Smart Fleet Track software, North American maps, including Canada, plug in power connector to cigarette lighter and serial port connector to Smart Fleet Track, built in GPS Antenna.)

Monthly fee for unlimited text messaging and dispatch – $12.00

  • Give directions based on vehicle type.
  • Voice navigation directs driver to each stop.
  • Device displays the driver’s entire route.
  • Driver is notified of new stops and messages.
  • Driver can send and receive messages.


  • Unit Size: 3-1/4? X 2? X 1/2?
  • Requires $12.00 Monthly Service Fee
  • Service area: USA & Canada