Which Vehicle Tracking App is Best for iPhone and Android?

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Vehicle tracking apps have revolutionized the GPS tracking space, largely due to their accessibility and versatility. When choosing the best app to monitor your fleet, you will want a mobile application that provides real-time monitoring and outdoor navigation services that meet your needs.

Best iPhone Vehicle Tracking App

There are many iPhone apps from which you can choose. Since you will have to consider your needs when making a decision, it follows that you should go through the features of the apps.

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

The FollowMee GPS Location Tracker is currently considered the best mobile tracking application for iPhone users. The app turns your smartphone into a location monitoring device, monitoring devices on the map or in the form of coordinates so that you can know their location.

This application is designed to regularly record its location, and upload it to a secured server. One of the major selling points is that you can use a single account to monitor multiple devices, a factor that enables you to keep an eye on all your devices on the same map. The FollowMee Location Tracker also lets you find lost or stolen devices.

Once it is installed, you will only need to open it once. After this, it will run in the background, constantly sending you information relating to the location of the target. Even when the device is in an area with low data connectivity, the app will still track the location and upload it to the server as soon as an internet connection is available again.

The basic service is capable of maintaining a three-day history, while extended history ranges from 14 days to three years. This application runs on a secure platform, meaning that user data will not be shared with third parties.

There are many more features you can make use of when you choose FollowMee Location Tracker for your monitoring needs. For instance, you can group your devices into one account and add another user as your delegating account. Grouping enables managers to view only the devices of their specific department.

You will also be able to download reports that will provide a clear picture of your team’s performance and use the geofence function to record when your employees report to and leave work. Lastly, the application does not feature ads, a factor that provides you with great user experience.


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Best Android Vehicle Tracking App

If you are looking for a tracking app for Android that will enable you to monitor and manage your fleet vehicles efficiently, there is a wide range of options on the market for you.

GPS Vehicle Tracker – EverTrack

EverTrack tracker is a great application for android users. It is designed to help businesses to manage their fleets both efficiently and effectively. The application will collect information on the routes taken by your drivers and store it securely in the cloud, allowing you to manage the stored information from anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

One of the features that make this the best android vehicle monitoring application is the flexibility that allows you to choose how accurate you want the location monitoring to be and the frequency with which current locations will be updated. Mostly, reducing the accuracy will help to increase battery life.

The app is also easy to use and is optimized for speed, providing comprehensive data, which includes mileage recording. By using this EverTrack app, you can track the nearest places and facilities such as filling stations, hospitals, and restaurants.

There is also a dedicated panic button that drivers can use to call for help in case they run into a problem. As such, you will not only know the location of your mobile asset but also be in a better position to promote the safety of your employees.

There are a number of additional features that will help in meeting your needs. This system allows you to track your team both on mobile and PC in real-time. Scheduled monitoring in work hours will encourage drivers to report to work in time while protecting their private life after work hours. When paired with RuuviTag Wireless Temperature Sensor, you will receive the temperature data for your assets and vehicles.

Which Vehicle Tracking App is Best - Mobile Tracking

Why Don’t These Compare to Dedicated GPS Units?

Although these mobile applications enable you to track the shared locations of your employees and loved ones, they are designed more for social purposes. They are not straightforward monitoring devices, and anyone using them will notice several common concerns.

First of all, since phones are not meant to be running location services continually, these apps will drain the battery faster than when the phone is on standby. Most of the apps are limited to a single functionality, and they tend to be unreliable, as they rely more on cell phone signals rather than satellites, and customer service is comparatively poor.

On the other hand, dedicated trackers will offer many exceptional benefits. Because they do not have background functions running, the devices tend to have longer battery life. They use mobile apps to support their functions and deliver the convenience of remote-monitoring without depending too much on cell phones.

With dedicated GPS trackers, there are minimal interruptions, and you will enjoy superior customer service and support. In the end, you will want to use dedicated units for more serious applications.

Professional GPS Tracking Options

When it comes to monitoring solutions, the choice you make will depend on your unique needs. However, the right solution should help to protect your assets and employees as well as improve your operations. GPS Technologies offers advanced solutions to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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