GPS Tracking Devices for City Vehicles

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City vehicles such as police cars, patrol vehicles and even street sweepers all have essential tasks related to the operation, sanitation and safety of a city. Because the safe operation and the efficiency of these vehicles is so essential, incorporating GPS tracking devices into these vehicles can be an excellent step towards increased safety and availability of important information related to the whereabouts and the performance of city vehicles. Not only does GPS tracking make it easy to get information about your vehicles, it can also help increase safety and reduce costs:

  • Reduced costs: Without tracking, it can be difficult to see exactly how much of an impact inefficient driving habits can have on overall fuel cost. Since city departments often have a whole fleet of vehicles under their jurisdiction, these small factors can quickly add up to significant amounts of waste. When a vehicle is idle for a prolonged period of time, it wastes fuel. Additionally, vehicles that are driven even a few miles per hour over the speed limit can quickly lose fuel efficiency. When you equip your fleet with GPS tracking devices, you can get a better idea of how the vehicles are running and whether there is notable waste taking place. You can then equip your drivers with the knowledge they need to drive more efficiently and cut down fleet tracking costs.
  • Increased accountability: Electronic tracking offers cities and municipalities the information that they need to carefully monitor the vehicles that they manage. Through GPS technology, you can monitor where your drivers are going and confirm that they are sticking to their intended routes and that they are making any necessary stops.
  • Safety: Having information about the operation of the vehicles that you manage can make it much easier to spot safety concerns and make sure that they are addressed accordingly. Some GPS tracking systems can also offer information about road hazards and provide alternate routes that are safer and more reliable. This information can help drivers stay safe on the road and ensure that their tasks are carried out with minimal risk.
  • Efficiency: GPS technology allows municipalities to plan routes and dispatch vehicles in the most efficient way possible. Knowing the exact whereabouts of every vehicle in your jurisdiction means that you can quickly determine the best vehicle to dispatch in the case of an emergency. It also makes it easier to determine which vehicles are already on the scene and which ones are still en route.
  • Availability of information: The fact that tracking information from GPS technology provides precise records and details means that information retrieval is easy. Should a complaint or a concern arise against a specific city vehicle, the data that has been tracked can be used to either confirm or refute the allegation.

From cutting down costs to increasing the safety of drivers in the community, it’s no wonder that so many cities and municipalities have begun to implement electronic tracking technology for their vehicles. At GPS Technologies, we understand the long list of advantages that increased tracking offers to a variety of businesses and jurisdictions, which is why we provide

comprehensive services to our clients. Contact us and find out more about all that we have to offer.

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