Vehicle GPS Tracking for Elderly Drivers

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If you’re charged with caring for an elderly parent, one of the scariest things to consider is having to issue a Silver Alert. Just like an Amber Alert notifies people about a missing child, a Silver Alert is used to spread the word about a missing senior citizen—someone who may be unable to care for themselves or be able to grasp their bearings in an unfamiliar place.

One of the easiest ways to prevent having to issue a Silver Alert is to invest in vehicle GPS tracking. More often than not, seniors get into their vehicles to drive to the store or somewhere else nearby, take a wrong turn and end up far from home. Vehicle GPS allows you to quickly locate the vehicle they’re driving and, hopefully, the missing senior citizen driving it.

The freedom of mobility

Many seniors feel like they’re being held captive in their old age. If they’re relegated to a nursing home, have their driver’s license taken by a family member or aren’t allowed to leave home, they
often get the urge to break free, to regain their freedom. The easiest way to do this is to hop in the car and take a trip to somewhere nearby—somewhere familiar.

The problem, however, is that their faculties aren’t always in order. Taking a left instead of a right or driving down a side road can quickly lead them into unfamiliar territory, and as they try to get back home they can quickly become even more lost. If you’re the child of an elderly parent, you likely know this all too well.

Vehicle GPS can be the answer. A vehicle equipped with a GPS tracking unit allows you to monitor the speed and path of a vehicle, to help you ensure your elderly parent isn’t straying from their route. And, if they do get lost, it’s easy to quickly track them down to prevent them from getting into trouble. You can still afford them the freedom of mobility, while keeping an eye on them for their own safety.

Knowing their whereabouts

If you arrive at the location of a vehicle and your elderly driver is gone, it’s critical to act swiftly to make sure they’re found before harm befalls them. Vehicle GPS tracking has the essential
information you need to start your search in the right place. Through GPS you can determine when the vehicle stopped, what route it took, what time of day they left at and how long they’ve been away. All of this means starting the search for someone with the best possible baseline.

If a Silver Alert needs to be issued, GPS data enters a whole new stage of importance. Being able to give that data to authorities can mean the difference between a comprehensive manhunt and a swift, decisive location of your elderly driver. In the extreme winter and summer months, this is imperative.

If you have an elderly driver at home or have an aging parent who often strays from where they should be staying put, in search of adventure, it’s time to think about installing a vehicle GPS tracking unit in your cars. When you can’t find them and the car is gone, this simple unit could be what keeps you from having to issue a Silver Alert. Contact GPS Technologies to learn more about what we can offer.

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