Get Educated About the End of 2G

August 9, 2016 Published by

What is 2G?

2G is cell technology that was used extensively by mobile phone providers and devices that run on those networks, like GPS vehicle-tracking devices for your work vehicles.


Why is 2G going away and why does it matter?

Technology evolves, and faster technologies (3G, 4G) have replaced 2G. Many major data carriers like AT&T have announced plans to turn off their 2G towers by end of 2016, and are already taking down their 2G towers. GPS users on 2G are already starting to see service degradation and service outages in certain areas meaning their vehicles can’t be tracked consistently.


Why are carriers taking down 2G towers?

Wireless carriers want to repurpose the towers for newer data services that deliver much faster speeds and larger bandwidth.


Should I worry?

Before panic sets in, let’s take a closer look at what the 2G sunset really means for you. Major carriers have already started converting some 2G towers, so your connectivity may begin to degrade soon. Other carriers’ 2G towers may still be online, but they cannot guarantee coverage in rural areas.


How do I protect my business?

Now is the time to start moving your GPS vehicle tracking to the latest technology to make sure you’re not paying for coverage and reporting that isn’t being delivered due to old 2G devices.


We offer devices that run on the latest wireless technology and provide future-proof service, faster data speeds and more reliable connections – even in rural areas – to ensure you’re continually connected to your vehicles.

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