Youngstown Achieves its Goals

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Three years ago the City of Youngstown required a tracking system that would allow them to better manage their city fleets. They were looking to increase driver accountability during the workday. Having seen the improved efficiency of the Youngstown Police Department, after installing 51 Vehicle Track units in their squad cars, the City of Youngstown decided to, initially, install tracking units in 100 municipal vehicles. The most important factor was cost. The budget approved for the tracking system purchase only allowed for the hardware outlay; the budget did not allow for a recurring annual fee that live systems incur.

The type of system they required was an early style passive tracker that was no longer fashionable or readily available. In search of a more cost effective option, the city of Youngstown found that GPS Technologies was the only company that offered this type of product. While a passive system collects all the same data as a live system, that data is only available for viewing after the vehicle returns to base. When in transit the data is stored on the vehicle device until it is within close enough range of the base station. From there the data is wirelessly transferred to a hard drive located in the facility.

In the three years since the City of Youngstown began doing business with GPS Technologies they have expanded to over 300 vehicles. This system has provided them with a complete history of everything the vehicle does from the time it leaves in the morning until it returns. They now know the route each vehicle followed, the stops they made, the length and address of those stops, and the number of miles they drove. Youngstown city employees are now fully accountable for their workday.

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