GPS Technologies Expand 3G CDMA Product

March 5, 2016 Published by

GPS Technologies continues to expand their incredible 3G CDMA product to new customers. Youngstown, OH has combined passive and live systems with their city vehicles. The passive system allows them to cut costs by not incurring a monthly fee for “live” downloads. They collect the data automatically when the vehicle returns to base. Their Police Department utilizes “live” tracking with one minute updatiing for constant communication. They can track every time a squad car activates lights, sirens, gun locks, on board computer, etc. This amount of detail provides back up for all incidents the vehicles may be involved in. The use of Vehicle Track Connected has spread to neighboring Campbell, Struthers and most recently, Boardman Township. Tracking these vehicles provides the fleet supervisors with management tools to dispatch directly from their offices and control costs dramatically.

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