Real Time Vehicle Tracking System

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GPS system is all about real-time tracking and if you are still not aware of the advantages of this service, then just continue reading this blog.  First, let’s understand the meaning of the ‘real-time’. This means ‘right now’ or ‘right away.

For example, let’s say you are sitting in your Chicago office and one of your fleets is travelling to some other city. The truck departed 6-7 hours back and now you want to know where exactly the truck is. Real time GPS vehicle tracking system will allow you to know the exact location of your truck.  The location of the vehicle is displayed in a map window which the vehicle owner can see from his laptop, PC or smart phone.

How does Real-Time vehicle tracking work?

Real-time vehicle trackers remain connected to the mobile data network (via GPRS) and upload their data to a web server. This data can then be seen by the fleet owner via logging in to a mobile app or web interface.

Benefits of ‘real-time’ vehicle tracking system:

  • No need to call the driver again and again to know the location of fleet.
  • You can check whether driver is driving vehicle properly or not. You can be aware of any extended halt, and ask about the reasons.
  • You can check whether the driver is following the scheduled route or not.
  • If the truck has been hijacked or looted or has met with an accident, you can obtain the exact location and take help from police.

Subscription fees:

Passive GPS tracker can be used without any extra charges, but in case of real time GPS trackers, you will have to pay some kind of subscription fee. Do not believe on the deals that claim to offer this service without charging any amount. Also, real time vehicle tracking systems use the GPRS network just like mobile phones- so a SIM card and an conformity with a mobile network provider is compulsory for each device.

The entire cost of vehicle tracking package includes, cost of each device plus installation charge, data usage charge, and service charge for the software and server space.

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