What is GPS Satellite Tracking?

January 10, 2019 Published by
What is GPS Satellite Tracking_

Global Positioning System or GPS tracking uses the Global Navigation System (GNSS) network to provide the exact location as well as the movement of a vehicle, object, or person. It uses a range of GPS satellites that employ microwave signals. These signals can be transmitted to GPS devices and can provide information such as location, vehicle speed, time, duration, and direction. GPS satellite tracking is a valuable tool that your company can use to manage your fleet and coordinate your workforce when it’s spread across the map, including in remote areas. What kinds of information can satellite tracking devices provide?... View Article

What is Fleet Management?

December 27, 2018 Published by
Neon Green Semi-Truck speeds past fall foliage on the highway

Fleet management: you’ve heard the term, but are you certain that you know what it refers to? The two words umbrella a diverse set of responsibilities and business concepts that are vital to many different companies and types of service. It includes tools that help you minimize costs, keep your investments and your employees safe, and helps ensure you stay ELD compliant. Use our handy guide as a cheat sheet to get your know-how started, and learn how GPS technology is vital to the job as it stands today! What constitutes fleet management? If your business spreads its goods and/or... View Article

Is Your Fleet Ready for Teen Drivers?

December 12, 2018 Published by
two semi trucks, 1 dark blue and 1 white drive down the highway with snow-capped mountains and farmland in the background.

With a perceived shortage in hires that is only increasing every year and a steady, impending rise in demand for yet more drivers in the coming decade, the trucking industry is in a bit of a bind. As companies continue to deal with an extremely high turnover rate and competition from e-commerce, some people in the transportation business are hoping that Washington will soon provide them a boon to combat the yawning deficit by giving them access to a previously underutilized and largely untapped resource: teenagers. So, is your fleet ready to hire teen drivers? You probably have a pretty... View Article

How to Fight Road Rage and Prevent Aggressive Driving in Your Fleet

November 29, 2018 Published by
Caucasian man with short gray hair, wearing a white button up shirt, holds his neck and grimaces in front of a minor car crash

Congested traffic and impatient drivers are a terrible mix. It’s a cocktail that many of us have to deal with daily, and it makes the road a dangerous place. As a fleet operator, your business lives on the road and depends on the people you put behind the wheel. Your drivers have to be efficient but safe, and traveling so many miles in such a condensed space of time can fray anyone’s nerves. It’s imperative that your workers keep a cool head and drive smart, but with so many miles between you and them, that’s a tricky thing to manage.... View Article

How to Combat Employees Who Use GPS Jammers

November 13, 2018 Published by
The hood of a red semi-truck emerges from complete darkness with headlights on to imply it was using a GPS jammer hoping to hide from an employer.

  From the paranoid, conspiracy nut to the woman afraid of being stalked to the employee who doesn’t want to be tracked by their boss, the use of devices called GPS jammers is on the rise. They’re easy to acquire online. You can even find them on sites like eBay. Many people who use them probably assume they’re legal and don’t bother to investigate the laws around them. But as an employer how do you combat employees who use GPS jammers, and how do you detect them? What is a GPS Jammer? So what is a GPS jammer exactly and... View Article