How to Combat Employees Who Use GPS Jammers

November 13, 2018 Published by
The hood of a red semi-truck emerges from complete darkness with headlights on to imply it was using a GPS jammer hoping to hide from an employer.

  From the paranoid, conspiracy nut to the woman afraid of being stalked to the employee who doesn’t want to be tracked by their boss, the use of devices called GPS jammers is on the rise. They’re easy to acquire online. You can even find them on sites like eBay. Many people who use them probably assume they’re legal and don’t bother to investigate the laws around them. But as an employer how do you combat employees who use GPS jammers, and how do you detect them? What is a GPS Jammer? So what is a GPS jammer exactly and... View Article

Should I Use a Hidden GPS Tracker

October 23, 2018 Published by
Should I Use Hidden GPS

Whether you’re managing a fleet of vehicles at a business or the concerned parent of an unpredictable teen driver, there are times when you may ask yourself, “should I use a hidden GPS tracker?” It’s not an easy question to answer. Of course, you want to trust your child and your employees, and you want to be transparent. We’ve already talked about what employees think about GPS tracking at work, as well as how GPS tracking helps you ensure your teen is driving safely. In both case cases, it’s usually best to be open about the fact that you’re using... View Article

The Truck Driver Shortage of 2018

October 16, 2018 Published by
Truck driver is dark blue ball cap and blue plaid shirt talks into a CB Radio

Whether you’re the fleet manager for a large freight company or you own a small fleet of just a few trucks, you know the number of drivers entering the profession is at rock bottom. But how did we get here and what are the solutions if any to the truck driver shortage of 2018? “This thing has been slowly rolling toward an obvious problem. The industry is not attracting and retaining younger workers. This is something everyone has known, but there has not been a respectful approach by the industry to this problem.” So asserts Steve Viscelli, a former trucker... View Article

Tales of GPS Tracking and Employees Gone Wrong

October 2, 2018 Published by
Male employee puts arms out in front of empty parking space where his vehicle and equipment should be.

While we can go on at length about the company benefits that come from an investment in GPS technologies, most of those perks exist in a bubble of theory; yes, they sound pretty good, but they’re all just supposition, right? Maybe you need something a little more concrete. Testimonials and stories from actual users of GPS systems can give you a clearer idea of what the technology could do for you down the line, so let’s look at a few different incidents and how they demonstrate the perks of the technology. How GPS Tracking Stops Wage Theft Michael Woodall, a... View Article

How Can Fleet Management Help With ELD Compliance?

September 25, 2018 Published by
How Can Fleet Management Help With ELD Compliance

With all the changes in the delivery and trucking industries, if you run a small trucking or delivery service, you know there’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to logistics. If you’re trying to manage everything using pen and paper, or even spreadsheets on your computer, you’ve probably had those moments where you could tear your hair out or had a 4-Advil headache. But change is not just hard; it’s also expensive. Moreover, when it comes to fleet management and GPS fleet tracking, you might have decided that doing things the old-fashioned way, no matter how stressful... View Article