How Can Fleet Management Help With ELD Compliance?

September 25, 2018 Published by
How Can Fleet Management Help With ELD Compliance

With all the changes in the delivery and trucking industries, if you run a small trucking or delivery service, you know there’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to logistics. If you’re trying to manage everything using pen and paper, or even spreadsheets on your computer, you’ve probably had those moments where you could tear your hair out or had a 4-Advil headache. But change is not just hard; it’s also expensive. Moreover, when it comes to fleet management and GPS fleet tracking, you might have decided that doing things the old-fashioned way, no matter how stressful... View Article

How GPS Tracking Improves Teen Driving Safety

September 13, 2018 Published by
Teen Driving Safety

Summer is almost over, and most of us hope temperatures will be falling soon. But one thing’s for sure, school is back in session, and that means more new drivers on the road. GPS and teen trackers can help you and your teenage children improve driver safety and stay alive behind the wheel. As a parent, if your son or daughter has recently gotten their driver’s license, or even if they’ve been driving for a year or more, it’s understandable why you worry about their safety. Rather than locking up your car keys and refusing to allow your children to drive... View Article

How To Find a Hidden GPS Tracking Device on Your Car

September 6, 2018 Published by
How To Find a Hidden GPS Tracking Device on Your Car

Stories about privacy violations, data breaches, stalkers, and if it’s ok for someone to be tracking our every move, dominate the headlines today. As a result, GPS tracking often gets a bad rap. As we pointed out in our previous post, there have been plenty of cases where a criminal used a hidden GPS tracking device to stalk their victims, or where someone has tracked an ex’s vehicle illegally. It’s understandable if you’re paranoid about something similar happening to you. With all the media attention this issue gets, you might want to know just how you can find a hidden... View Article

How Stalkers Use Hidden GPS Trackers To Spy On You

August 30, 2018 Published by
Examples of Potentially Problematic GPS tracking

It’s hard to know exactly how many stalkers and other criminals use hidden GPS devices to monitor their victims. The last time the US Department of Justice released any data on criminal stalking was January 13, 2009. However, that report states that stalkers used electronic monitoring in 1 out of 13 instances, and that about a third of victims reported their stalker showing up wherever the victim went. Many experts estimate the practice of keeping tabs on a victim’s location has only increased since the DOJ release their report. Plus, there’s an added complication. Because the law hasn’t kept up... View Article

How Do You Know Which GPS Tracker Is Right For You?

August 23, 2018 Published by
How to choose the right GPS Tracker (3)

When you’re faced with deciding whether or not you need to employ GPS tracking at your home or business, it can be hard to know which type of tracker is the right one to choose. From real-time fleet tracking to asset tracking to portable battery tracking and teen tracking, there is a specific GPS tracker that’s right for each use. Each type of GPS tracker also has multiple options. That means your choice also depends on the number of vehicles or items you need to manage as well as the size of your budget. There are GPS devices that are... View Article