Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracking for Fleet Vehicles

July 14, 2023 Published by
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Real-time GPS tracking has revolutionized the fleet management industry by providing companies with unprecedented visibility into their vehicles’ locations, routes, and performance. This blog post will discuss the advantages of real-time GPS tracking for fleet vehicles and how it can help your business. Greater Efficiency and Productivity One of the most significant advantages of real-time GPS tracking in fleet management is increased efficiency and productivity. With real-time GPS tracking, fleet managers can monitor their vehicles in real-time, enabling them to make quick decisions and adjustments as situations arise. Fleet managers can see which drivers are the closest to the destination,... View Article

5 Basic Requirements for GPS Tracking in Company Vehicles

June 21, 2023 Published by

Thinking of putting in GPS to keep track of your employees while they are on the road? Here are five basic guidelines: Every employer has a right to track company-owned vehicles during work hours. Employers usually have a right to track leased vehicles during work hours, but they typically need permission to hardwire GPS tracking devices into the onboard electronics of vehicles they do not own. We mention some exceptions to the rule below. Employers generally do not have an unrestricted right to track employees who use their own vehicles for travel away from the employee’s place of business. You... View Article

How Do Companies Track Their Vehicles?

June 21, 2023 Published by
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Do you still track your vehicles with an Excel spreadsheet? Excel is fine for keeping track of delivery mileage and delivery times if you have one truck. It’s not all especially clunky if you are tracking two trucks. But for a scalable solution to tracking your entire fleet, GPS tracking and telematics are integrated into your billing, inventory, timekeeping, personnel, maintenance, and personnel systems. GPS tracking isn’t about following a red vehicle icon on a map anymore. The Basics of GPS You can stick a GPS monitor into the glove compartment of your company car or truck. You can hardwire... View Article

How to Balance Employee Privacy and Company Vehicle Tracking

May 19, 2023 Published by
Employee Privacy and Company Vehicle Tracking

GPS technologies monitor operator safety. They provide dispatchers with constant location information, making responding to road emergencies easier. Telematic GPS tracking systems monitor engine performance, fuel efficiency, and your drivers’ behavior on the road. Some drivers have some difficulty with that last point. What Fleet Operators Need to Know About GPS Tracking and the Law There are some boundaries for GPS tracking state and federal laws. For instance, you don’t have the right to install a GPS tracking device in a vehicle you do not own. If you employ an outside salesperson and they use their own car, you do... View Article

How Dashcams Can Protect You on the Road

May 19, 2023 Published by
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We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how valuable a video could be. Then multiply that by the number of all the vehicles in your fleet outfitted with dash cams. Dash cams keep your drivers safer. Dash cams reduce your operating costs. Here’s how much. One study reported that 87% of all crashes involving large commercial vehicles result from driver error or drivers taking unnecessary risks. That’s a finding of the Large Truck Crash Causation Study by the National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence (NSTSCE). Another study found that 92.6% of crashes involving vehicles... View Article