Can Employers Use GPS to Track Employees?

November 23, 2022 Published by

GPS technology gives employers powerful tools for keeping tabs on the location of vehicles, equipment, and the employees who operate them. Employers can easily track employees in the field through the GPS devices in their vehicles or in company-owned phones. Tracking employee location with GPS offers many benefits, including: Increased efficiency through streamlined routing and deliveries. Ensuring employee compliance with traffic rules and safety regulations. Monitoring compliance with overtime regulations and safety laws. Verifying time sheets (or logging time electronically) and compliance with company rules and regulations for the use of company vehicles. However, every company that uses GPS is... View Article

How Does Fleet Tracking Work For a Business?

November 23, 2022 Published by
Fleet Tracking

If you have never used telematic fleet tracking before, your idea of GPS tracking may be one red dot on a map for one vehicle, and lots of red dots on a larger map for a fleet of vehicles. But modern telematic GPS tracking systems offer so much more. Real-time telematic tracking with GPS empowers your company to use your fleet to complete more jobs with fewer hours and fewer miles. You won’t need to call drivers for updates to track trucks, delivery vans, and shipments, and you can use telematic fleet tracking with GPS technologies to keep tabs on... View Article

What Is the New ELD Mandate?

October 11, 2022 Published by
electronic logging device

Trucking is the most common job in the United States. Some long-haul carriers are being automated, but trucking is something that will never be outsourced to another country. But two changes to the way trucks are regulated are now here. The first major change in the federal regulation of trucking is the ELD (electronic logging device) mandate. The law requiring commercial vehicles to have ELDs was passed in 2012 and went into effect in 2019. There were exemptions for carriers of food and fuel, livestock feed, and COVID relief supplies, but those expired at the end of May 2022. As... View Article

Where to Hide a GPS Tracker on a Car

February 16, 2022 Published by

GPS trackers can be an enormously useful tool for tracking a stolen car and a great way to keep tabs on the people you love, but it’s almost never a good idea to install them in a conspicuous place. After all, you don’t want a car thief to find your tracker and disable it. You don’t want a rebellious teen to be able to defeat your GPS monitoring system, and you may not want an elderly parent in cognitive decline to know you monitor their movements. Even if you trust the people you let drive your car, every GPS tracker... View Article

How to Choose the Best Dash Cam for Truckers

January 18, 2022 Published by

Chances are that you have seen a television ad something like this: A civil injury lawyer is standing on top of a truck. The lawyer spouts some statistics about injury accidents involving 18-wheelers. The numbers flash on the screen. Big numbers. These are the settlements the lawyer has obtained for clients in federal court after injury accidents involving trucks and cars. The truth is, there are about 3700 drivers and passengers in private cars who die in crashes with trucks every year. About 700 truck drivers die in crashes every year, too. Almost any fatality crash involving the driver or... View Article