Top Advantages of Using GPS Tracking Devices

February 7, 2017 Published by

It seems like technology is advancing at a rapid pace as of late. You can’t blink without a new smartphone being released or walk onto a car dealership lot without being told of a model’s latest technological advances. For instance, GPS services might appear to be an invasion of privacy—it’s something that many individuals do not care for. After all, if you enable GPS tracking on your cell phone, anyone can determine your location at all times. But for a business, GPS devices are important, and in many cases necessary. Whether you own a fleet of cargo trucks, heavy construction... View Article

The Different Options for Fleet GPS Tracking

February 1, 2017 Published by

With today’s technology, there’s no reason you cannot track every mile, every stop. It’s not that you don’t trust your drivers with a client’s cargo or your own supply, but more to remain in constant communication for safety purposes and to monitor general progress. GPS on your fleet vehicles benefits your business’ efficiency, because it offers the convenience of a web interface for continuous monitoring. It also allows you to set speed limit alerts, access where and when stops were made and—the number one must-have capability—provides instantaneous GPS location on drivers and trucks. Which GPS network is best for your... View Article

Peace of Mind for Parents of Teen Drivers

January 21, 2017 Published by

It’s both a proud day and cause for some nervousness when your teen comes home from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), freshly-earned driver’s license in hand. You won’t have to shuttle them around to functions and events anymore, and you can send them to run errands while you stay at home—two definite perks that make a teenage driver valuable. On the flipside, however, every time they back out of the driveway you’re liable to have a panic attack! Teen drivers represent an at-risk group of motorists for a few reasons. They’re easily distracted by friends, phones, radios and other... View Article

Vehicle GPS Tracking for Elderly Drivers

January 14, 2017 Published by

If you’re charged with caring for an elderly parent, one of the scariest things to consider is having to issue a Silver Alert. Just like an Amber Alert notifies people about a missing child, a Silver Alert is used to spread the word about a missing senior citizen—someone who may be unable to care for themselves or be able to grasp their bearings in an unfamiliar place. One of the easiest ways to prevent having to issue a Silver Alert is to invest in vehicle GPS tracking. More often than not, seniors get into their vehicles to drive to the... View Article

5 Reasons to Leverage a Fleet GPS Service

January 7, 2017 Published by

Managing a fleet of vehicles—whether it’s just a few or it numbers in the dozens or hundreds – is a tremendous task. Not only does each vehicle need to be managed independently (maintenance, cargo, driver, etc.), they all comprise a hefty portion of your business’ overall logistics and need to have comprehensive oversight. Managing all of your fleet vehicles may seem like a daunting task, but it’s made infinitely easier with a fleet GPS monitoring service. Being able to monitor vehicles independently and as part of the whole fleet means being able to cultivate GPS data from every vehicle and... View Article