Why Is Vehicle Tracking So Important?

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Vehicle tracking with GPS has become increasingly popular in fleet management operations. This technology allows companies to track the location and activities of their vehicles, providing them with valuable data on their business operation. With GPS asset tracking, companies can gain insights into how their fleet is performing and make decisions that help them run a more efficient operation. That’s in addition to the essential ability to locate vehicles whose operators go AWOL, are involved in crashes, or fall prey to theft or hijacking! Let us at GPS Technologies take a closer look at why vehicle tracking with GPS is vital in fleet management.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Makes Recovery Easier

Vehicle tracking with GPS empowers business owners to locate assets such as vans, tractors, trailers, and cars that have potentially been stolen, misrouted, or lost.


How big a difference does GPS make in vehicle recovery? In 2013, before GPS became common equipment, fleet operators had about a 46 percent chance of ever seeing their stolen vehicles again. In 2023, in Washington State, where GPS vehicle tracking is extremely common, there is about a 70 percent chance of recovering a vehicle that has been stolen or hijacked. But in states like Mississippi, where GPS fleet vehicle tracking is still not the norm, the chances of recovering a stolen truck are only 19 percent.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Keeps Operators Safer

Vehicle tracking with GPS also keeps drivers safer. When there is an emergency, such as an accident or breakdown, companies can quickly locate the driver and send assistance if necessary—even if the driver cannot call for help. In addition, real-time monitoring of vehicle locations helps ensure that all drivers follow safe driving practices and reduces the risk of accidents or other incidents occurring while they are on the road. With GPS fleet tracking technology, your dispatchers can correct bad driving behaviors and reward good driving records for everyone’s benefit.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Improves Data Collection

If you operate across state lines or you make deliveries and pickups outside the immediate area of your offices, you are already subject to computerized data collection tools. GPS-enabled vehicle tracking automates driver logs and eliminates legibility issues, arithmetic errors, and lapses of operator attention or memory.


The least important is the ability of GPS fleet tracking to keep up with the mechanical condition and fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet. This data includes details such as vehicle speed, mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and the routes taken by drivers. With this information, companies can analyze the efficiency of their operations and identify areas where they could save money or improve performance. Companies can also monitor how much time each driver spends on a particular route and ensure they follow the most efficient route possible.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Improves Customer Service

GPS tracking systems allow companies to monitor delivery times in real-time. With this information, they can inform customers when their orders will arrive. GPS vehicle tracking helps to enhance customer satisfaction and ensures that deliveries are made on time every time, building trust between customers and businesses with each successful run. Moreover, if there are any delays along the way due to traffic or other issues, companies can communicate this information to customers before it affects delivery times too significantly.


Vehicle Tracking with GPS is revolutionizing fleet management operations for every business that maintains a fleet of road vehicles. GPS tracking provides its users with accurate data collection abilities, increased driver safety, and improved customer service. By integrating GPS tracking technology with their existing management and scheduling systems, dispatchers have access to real-time data that allows them to make informed decisions about how best to manage their fleets. GPS tracking technology has become an essential tool for every company that maintains a fleet of road vehicles.


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