What Industries Use Fleet Tracking?

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Could your business benefit from fleet tracking?

GPS fleet tracking has become an essential tool for managing fleets of all sizes—and all industries. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of using GPS fleet tracking for keeping up with their vehicles and equipment.

Here are just a few of the industries that benefit from fleet tracking services from GPS Technologies.


Chances are you already use GPS in planting, cultivation, and harvest. You can also use GPS tracking systems to recover stolen equipment and keep track of young equipment operators.

Auto Sales and Service

Need to dispatch the nearest driver to a service call? Keep tabs on nearby available drivers with GPS.

Cleaning and Laundry

Commercial laundry services have customers who need timely delivery to keep in business. Knowing where your pick-up and delivery vehicles are at all times helps you make sure you pick and deliver at designated times you know will be convenient for your customer.

Construction Equipment

If you are a building contractor, you have a huge investment in your equipment. Combine GPS tracking with a virtual security guard to deter over 97 percent of potential thefts.

Electrical and Utilities

Widespread power outages require massive repair efforts and the kind of coordination that is only possible with GPS telematics to a central dispatch office. GPS technologies can help you harmonize different tracking systems into a single display for managing your consolidated fleets. And on a day-to-day basis, GPS is essential for dispatching the right crew to the right job.

Emergency Medical Services

In a medical emergency, timing is everything. GPS helps dispatchers pinpoint the location of emergency vehicles, and can be integrated with your software to choose the fastest and safest route.


Nobody’s customers like the four-hour window for their service person to arrive. With GPS tracking technology, you can send the closest service crews to the most urgent calls, and keep up with their progress through the day’s schedule in real-time.

Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

Need to keep track of your equipment after hours? GPS tracking can tell you where your equipment spends the night, and where it is being used during the day.

Pharmacy Delivery

Medication deliveries are always time sensitive. Medications can’t be exposed to heat or cold, and your pharmacy customers receiving them can’t wait all day hoping your delivery person will show up. GPS tracking helps you expedite pharmacy deliveries to your customers who need them now.


Freezes and floods bring huge opportunities for plumbers, but only if they can reach their customers first. GPS tracking helps you root your crews to the most urgent (and profitable) calls while making sure all customers receive needed services promptly. With GPS tracking, you pay your crews for the time they spend on the job, not for the extra time they spend traveling from job to job.

Roadside Assistance

Do you maintain roadside assistance for your fleet of vehicles? GPS is mission-critical for matching distressed vehicles to service vehicles to get them back in operation as soon as possible.

Do you offer roadside assistance to the general public? GPS is also mission-critical for you, locating your customers and sending them service trucks or wreckers with a minimum of delay.


Need to respond to a break-in alarm? GPS tracking not only can tell you the location of the security emergency, but it can also help you track stolen property and arrival times for backup. With GPS tracking, your staff can respond to incidents faster and follow up with better information.


Telematic tracking systems have become standard equipment for fleets of trucks. Informatics can not only help you track vehicles and cargo in real-time, but it can also help your supervisors monitor operator performance such as speed and speeding, start-up and shut-down time, idling, routes taken to destinations, overnight parking locations, and excursions outside preset geofences.

GPS tracking systems can monitor the operational readiness of your fleet, giving you warning of upcoming maintenance issues ranging from tire pressure to engine issues. They give you a way to locate your operators when they need emergency help, and document good driver performance you will want to reward.

Don’t see your industry on this list?

Call GPS Technologies. We can tell you what GPS tracking can do to your customer satisfaction and your bottom line. At GPS Technologies, we are committed to helping you find the tracking solution that meets your needs. Contact us online or call us for a consultation at (847) 382-5107 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri CST.

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