Talking to Your Teenager About Teen Driver Tracking

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When your teenager earns their driver’s license, they are often excited about the newfound freedom and responsibility. Driving is a major step towards adulthood and independence. That is why the subject of teen driver tracking may be a sore one. However, if you approach your intention to use these systems in a way that is respectful and considers your teenager’s perspective, there will be fewer hard feelings. Here is how to talk to your teen driver about GPS tracking:

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  • Be open: Communicate openly about your intention to install a teen driver tracking system. Our systems can be easily hidden in cars, but your teen is also likely more tech-savvy than you, so springing this on them or attempting to hide the fact you are monitoring them is only going to end in hard feelings. Instead, explain why you are installing the system and the benefits you see to using it. Even if your teenager is not thrilled with the idea, at least they will understand why you are purchasing this system.
  • Voice concerns: State clearly why you are tracking your teen’s driving. Use concrete examples, like that you want to be sure they stay within speed limits or be able to see where they are located in case they need help. Be clear on how you are supervising them. Besides the GPS tracking, you may also use tracking on smartphones or insist on shared passwords. Set boundaries and make rules at the beginning so there are no surprises.
  • Install early: It is likely that you do not want to pay for monitoring time before your teenager starts driving, but it is a good approach to get them used to the idea early. Look into purchasing the tracking system about three months before your teenager plans to test for their license. Run reports on your own driving and errands and show them to your teen. While this transparency may seem counterproductive, it will actually show you trust them while simultaneously putting them on notice on the types of driving behavior the system monitors. More information leads to better choices and gives them a familiarity with the system that will help them respect it.
  • Check privacy settings: Since this exercise is about trust, you want to make sure you do not breach it by sharing your child’s data with third parties. Check the privacy policies of any system you buy, and also opt out of any options that would share your teen’s traveling data. While you want to know where they are, it is not necessary for other parties to have access to the same information.
  • Stay in the spirit of collaboration: Many parents are surprised to learn that their kids actually appreciate tracking because it allows them to easily avoid peer pressure. Your own teenagers may experience the same perspective. If you set up accountability policies together, they are more likely to follow them and cause less worry for you.
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