Five Applications for Battery-Powered GPS

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GPS tracking is not just for cars and fleet vehicles. It can also be used to protect valuable assets. Battery-powered GPS is for non-motorized assets that require protection. You can use these devices to pinpoint shipping locations or track down items if they are stolen. Here are five applications where battery-powered GPS proves tremendously useful:

  • Retail: If you sell luxury items in the retail market, you can place GPS devices on your shipping containers. This allows you to track merchandise everywhere it ships, anywhere in the world. Cellular service is not an issue, and as long as the antenna has access to the sky, you will know when shipping containers arrive at their destination and at the warehouse for unloading. If there are any discrepancies in inventory, it is easier to backtrack and see why those exist.
  • Rare valuables: Battery-powered GPS has become common when shipping rare goods, like one-of-a-kind paintings and unique antiques. Traveling museum exhibits started using these devices to deter theft and quickly locate items if they become missing. This is also useful for private citizens who own vast collections and wish to keep their items safe when they move to a new home. When you are moving the irreplaceable, GPS becomes necessary insurance.
  • Trailers: Perhaps you are not as worried about mileage and driving habits as you are about the location of tractor trailers and their loads. Sometimes, tracking the trailer is more prudent because it allows you to know when goods are delivered, placed on trains and moved about, rather than just where the truck travels. Also, if you rent trailers to the public and one is not returned, it is easier to track down the missing asset if you have a battery-powered GPS device—especially since they contain alarms if anyone tries to interfere with them.
  • Agriculture: The capital investment in agriculture is immense, and disaster results if any equipment goes missing. Since there is really no place to plug in a GPS device on a tractor or combine, a battery-powered GPS allows accurate tracking without worrying about a power source. Also, these devices are water resistant, so even if your farm machinery experiences a rain shower, it will still function at an optimal level.
  • Construction: Despite all the security precautions taken at construction sites, there is still a possibility of theft. Large machinery may be interfered with, and anything smaller could disappear altogether. If you have anything of great value on a construction site, consider equipping it with a battery-powered tracking device. Even if you do not recover any stolen items, it will make your insurance claim proceed much more smoothly.

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