Items You Own That Benefit from Asset Tracking

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More devices and items than ever before are making use of cloud technology. In fact, the technology as a whole is estimated to be worth about $200 billion, and asset tracking is one example of a business solution that uses the technology that has become especially popular.

This software allows companies to track, control and monitor assets from a single centralized space, usually located on a cloud-based server.

The benefits of such software are numerous. Asset tracking allows businesses to enable maintenance tracking features. This means the manufacturer can schedule alerts for maintenance needs based on its guidelines, or knowledge of the usage of the device. It also helps with GPS positioning and asset recovery in the event the item is stolen.

By now, most people are familiar with asset tracking on cell phones and vehicles. Apple’s iPhone brought the technology to the forefront by implementing a system that allows a person to find the location of their iPhone by signing into their account on another Apple device.

Cars have also used asset tracking for quite some time as a means of helping people recover them if they are stolen. These features are built into the computer located in the vehicle’s dashboard.

However, there are other items you might not associate with asset tracking that benefit from the use of the technology every day. Here are just a few examples:

  • Wheelchairs: Many wheelchairs are built with asset tracking functionality these days. It makes sense—let’s say, for example, the person using the wheelchair is elderly and suffers from a disorder like Alzheimer’s or dementia. If a silver alert situation arose, the asset tracking functionality in the missing person’s wheelchair could make it easier to find them.
  • ATVs: ATVs are often used for recreational purposes in rural areas where not many people are located. Accidents involving ATVs can be quite serious, as they often involve the driver being ejected from the vehicle. Asset tracking can help track down a person’s location if they get into an accident and cannot call for help.
  • Golf carts: Golf courses are spread out over large land areas, and occasionally it can be difficult for people running the course to wrangle all their carts at the end of a day. Asset tracking can make it easier for golf course staff to figure out where on the course all the carts are located at any given time.
  • Skateboards: Skateboarding is a great hobby, but skateboarders have a reputation for going into areas they probably shouldn’t. Asset tracking can determine the movements of a skateboarder in cases of property damage.
  • Laptops: Laptops are commonly stolen devices, so adding asset tracking into them can help people easily find the device when they need to recover it.

These are just a few examples of the many everyday items that can benefit from asset tracking and personal GPS tracking service. Can you think of any others? Leave a comment below if you have any other examples!

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