Which Assets Benefit from GPS Tracking?

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Keeping track of valuable items and equipment has never been easier than it is now during the era of technological advancement that we are all living through, and GPS tracking services are leading the way in making it affordable and convenient to monitor the location of all kinds of vehicles and equipment. Below is a list of a few items that business owners and homeowners alike should consider monitoring with GPS asset tracking services.

Commercial vehicles

Many companies rely on large, heavy-duty vehicles for efficient and productive day-to-day operations. These vehicles are expensive, and unfortunately can sometimes prove to be a lucrative and appealing target for thieves. Industries with work areas that are in open outdoor spaces are particularly vulnerable to this type of theft, because many of the machines and vehicles are left unprotected on site overnight. In fact, numbers compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau indicate just under $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen each year.

It would cost a lot of money to employ a security company to watch your equipment during these overnight hours, and it would also cost quite a bit to build a fence secure enough to keep troublemakers out. One way that businesses can protect themselves from the damaging effects that the loss of this equipment would entail is by making sure that these vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking that monitors the location and movement of these expensive assets at all times.

Many companies find it both more cost-effective and more efficient to use GPS asset tracking for high value commercial vehicles such as tractors, ATVs and even golf carts. Not only can this tracking discourage and help to mitigate the effects of theft, but this technology can also be used to help streamline operations, with the analytics reporting being used to improve a company’s productivity.

Personal items

Regardless of how much something costs, the value that an individual item actually holds with you can be immeasurable. For this reason, many homeowners have begun to use GPS tracking with smaller items in their home to ensure that there will be a path to recovery in the event of a theft. If an item such as a personal skateboard or wheelchair is stolen, this GPS asset tracking can be used to assist the police in their investigation in an effort to quickly recover your possessions.

From large to small items, GPS asset tracking services can be just the addition you need to protect your business or home. If you are interested in investing in GPS tracking for a fleet of commercial vehicles or a few smaller items that you personally hold dear, be sure to contact us at GPS Technologies. We can make sure that you have all of the technology you need to both deter theft, and provide you with a means for recovery in the event that any of your equipment is ever stolen. Contact us today so that we can provide you with everything you need to track down the things that mean the most to your home or business.

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