Is It Okay to Use GPS Monitoring Service to Track Your Employees?

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With the use of GPS technology so prevalent in many different forms of business, many employers may be wondering just what this technology can do for their company, and if it is okay to use these services to monitor their employees. With sound and legitimate business justifications, these GPS monitoring services can be both reliable and lawful, but employers have to make sure they are used correctly.

Knowing when to monitor

As a general rule, it is a good idea to restrict GPS monitoring to work hours or when employees are carrying out work-related tasks. Monitoring an employee’s locations and movements at times when they are not at work can open way for privacy infringement concerns and even potential lawsuits, especially if too much personal information is obtained about an individual’s private life.

Whether the employee is using a company car or their own personal vehicle is also an important distinction. For example, if an employee gets a speeding ticket when they are off the clock but they are ticketed while using a company car, the employer could reserve the right to discipline this employee for this infraction, as it could present a direct conflict for the company and their property. Businesses that supply company equipment to employees generally have a wider range of what they are able to do with GPS tracking and monitoring, although they will still be bound to whatever guidelines the state and local laws may have in place.

Make sure your employees are well informed

Although the stipulations between company property and employee property may be different, it is still a good idea to give your employees notice that they are being monitored, no matter what the circumstances might be. Whether you make an announcement at an all company meeting or set aside a section in the employee handbook, informing your employees about possible monitoring and tracking is good business practice that can provide legal protection from potential lawsuits that could occur if an employee feels their privacy was unlawfully violated. Additionally, just the knowledge that an employer could be watching at any time can oftentimes increase the productivity and dependability that an employee displays, which is another reason why alerting your employee upfront can be beneficial.

While it is important that employers have ways to monitor employees’ actions during work hours, making sure that your company is doing so within legal bounds is just as important. Employers have the freedom to track employees during company time, but you should always be sure to brush up on your knowledge of state and local laws that regulate the use of GPS monitoring services and speak with legal counsel to make sure that your methodology is by the book.

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