Five Tips for Keeping Your Freight Secure

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The open road may not be the high seas, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still pirates out there looking to make off with your precious cargo! Every year there are millions and millions of dollars of profit lost due to stolen freight across the United States.

From rogue drivers that load up and drive off, to truck hijackings, to products that disappear between weigh stations, money could be coming off the back of your truck quicker than you realize. Putting a stop to it demands that attention be paid to some modern freight tracking and security technologies. Take a look at a few of the simplest ways to leverage technology to your benefit, to keep your freight safe out on the open road:

  1. Keep track of your freight at all times by way of a fleet GPS monitoring service. If a truck gets stolen or a rogue LTL trucker decides to make off with your cargo, you’ll have a bead on them quickly via real-time GPS tracking. And, even if they disable it somehow, you’ll have the critical route data you need to stay ahead of them.
  2. Invest in the power of a good background check. Knowing who’s at the wheel of the truck can help you make better decisions about who’s handling your products and potential profits. Background checks will alert you to red flags that can be avoided before they become major concerns.
  3. Teach your truckers the value of safety protocols. This can be anything from parking in a well-lit area to carrying an emergency GPS transponder with them in case they’re hijacked. Locking the trailer at all times and not discussing cargo contents on the open airwaves are a couple of other smart tips to pass along.
  4. Along with a fleet GPS monitoring service, also consider RFID identification protocols. RFID uses radio waves to track assets and can be extremely useful in between truck or rail transport, such as when cargo is being warehoused. This is a great way to track down missing or stolen freight when it might be out of the hands of your drivers.
  5. Use the data you have to plan accordingly for safe routes. If you’ve had three attempted thefts at a particular stop or have heard about dangerous run-ins on a certain stretch of highway, you can set up routes and stops that avoid these areas. Modern software can even help you plan routes that avoid problem areas, while also maximizing fuel economy and minimizing mileage.

Even a single stolen load of freight can have profound consequences for your balance sheet. Taking steps to prevent cargo theft can help you stay in the black and avoid having to try and recoup losses. Invest in any of the tips above and make sure you’re being smart in the way you approach potential freight theft issues. Proactive oversight can prevent costly losses and major headaches for you, your company and your drivers. For more information, get in touch with GPS Technologies today.

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