4 Ways GPS Reduces Expenses and Increases Income

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Many business owners may feel intimidated at the idea of installing GPS tracking devices in their fleet vehicles. They fret over the expense of the technology and the alert system. While installation and purchase costs may be high for some systems, this investment is worth its price. No matter what you pay for GPS tracking, it will pay for itself in the long run. Here are four ways this system manages expenses and increases profit:

  • Improved monitoring: You make the best effort possible to hire the right people for the job, but sometimes even that plan goes horribly awry. Employees may use a vehicle for non-business purposes or even take a day trip while indicating they were on a call. When you install GPS tracking, you know where your vehicles are located, and that includes assessing whether your employees are being productive. This reduces the costs associated with wasted time and assures that your vehicles are only used for business purposes. The monitoring alone can reduce the likelihood of misuse or bad behavior simply because workers realize they cannot hide anything.
  • Lower insurance rates: Since there is a decreased risk of misuse, your insurance premiums will drop. Many times, employers incur liability because an employee causes an accident while using a company vehicle. Even if the use was not authorized, you remain responsible. That can be disastrous in impaired driving cases or if employees engage in criminal behavior. You also reduce your chances of incurring major losses by losing assets stored in your vehicles. All this combined allows insurance companies to reassess your rates and lower them.
  • Reduces theft: Car prowlers look for an easy mark. A vehicle equipped with GPS devices does not fall under that category. Also, if a car thief is successful, the GPS tracks the location of the vehicle and increases the chances of recovery. This also allows the recovery of property in the vehicle. Even if you continually tell employees not to leave laptops in car trunks, sometimes they will slip, and that laptop gets stolen with the car. Tracking down the car reduces the chance of property loss and any security breaches from the stolen laptop. Since these events can significantly reduce customer confidence, this element of security is vital for your bottom line.
  • Track shipments: Besides tracking cars and people, you can also track cargo. If you install GPS tracking on shipment vehicles, it is easy to tell customers when their equipment, packages, furniture or other large items will arrive at their home or place of business. This works great for moving companies, because if the homeowners are waiting for the truck and feeling anxious, you can quickly reassure them by giving a location and approximate arrival time. The guesswork is reduced significantly when you have a tracking system that offers you the details. Good communication is essential for excellent customer service, and that will attract future customers to your business. That allows for growth and profits.

If you are interested in GPS tracking devices for your business fleet or family vehicles, call GPS Technologies. We offer free consultations and payment plans to fit your needs and budget.

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