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GPS Technologies offers flexible options for purchasing GPS tracking service. This also includes rental plans where you pay a monthly fee for hardware, monitoring and alerts. Our GPS rental plans offer a low-cost alternative to purchase that works well for family budgets and small businesses. Here are six benefits of using our rental option:

  • Lower upfront costs: If purchase costs stop you from installing GPS tracking, there are options available. Our rental plans do not require a contract, and there is no hardware cost. Installation is simple, and once service begins, you can start using your GPS tracking today. If you can benefit now, there is no reason to wait until you have the money for purchase.
  • Perfect for startups: Small startups are in a precarious position. The failure rate is high, and you need to know where to control your budget. If your business involves fleet vehicles, GPS tracking is vital to controlling costs and assuring business proceeds as usual. A rental plan is perfect in this case because you do not have to pay large upfront costs and you can enjoy the cost savings and benefits of this system immediately. Startups need all the help they can get, and that is one reason a rental plan is so appealing.
  • Cost savings: Wasted time, delayed shipments, late appointments and asset loss are all possible with fleet vehicles. Whether it is an employee skipping an appointment for personal recreation or misused fleet vehicles, the GPS tracking reveals these shortcomings. Also, since the system helps recover stolen vehicles and equipment, that lowers insurance premiums. Analyzing the data also helps you see where you can control costs, whether it is through an improved route or implementing other efficiencies. Between all these possibilities, many business owners find their savings pay for the monthly rental fee.
  • Trial period: If you are unconvinced of the benefits of GPS tracking and want to try it at a lower cost, rental is an excellent option. There is no contract, so if you are not impressed, you only need to cancel the arrangement. Once you see the ways GPS tracking benefits your business, you will likely be more than willing to maintain the rental contract or make a purchase.
  • Available for shortterm use: In some cases, business clients only need to maintain a fleet for a short term, like six months to a year. Even then, they need to assure good behavior and protect their assets. It would not make sense to purchase the GPS equipment under these circumstances, but you can rent it for as long as you need business vehicles. Once circumstances no longer require a fleet, you can end the contract and return the equipment.
  • Easier upgrade: Many clients choose rental contracts because they want the latest and greatest technology. Paying for new equipment becomes expensive, but with rental, you can upgrade at any time.

For the lowest cost rental plan available for GPS tracking service, call GPS Technologies today. We provide reasonable rates for businesses of all sizes, including recent startups.

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