4 Industries That Benefit from Fleet Tracking

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A business owner who runs their company right is the type of person who takes care of their equipment, encourages their employees to do their best and oversees all aspects of daily activity. Additionally, they treat their customers and clients like family, which means they likely enjoy repeat business coupled with good publicity from word of mouth advertisement—and, hence, business success. But if your company utilizes vehicles and something happens to those vehicles, you could end up losing business because you couldn’t get to your customers. That is why most companies with fleet vehicles should consider installing GPS tracking devices.

Are GPS devices right for your business? Here are four examples of industries that can benefit from using a fleet GPS tracking service.


The construction industry is huge and successful, which makes sense since there is always going to be a need for new building construction, home remodels and renovation projects. There are several phases to every construction project, including getting all workers to a site on time. When you install GPS in your construction work vehicles, you will know if a truck or large piece of equipment is not yet on site. You can then track it down in a snap.

HVAC and plumbing

Nobody takes pleasure in experiencing a major plumbing or HVAC problem. It’s inconvenient, and it can be messy and expensive. So, when a client calls with a piping emergency, you want to get a professional to them as soon as possible—and you can do just that with fleet GPS tracking services. Simply leave it to the dispatcher to locate the closest service vehicle to the caller’s location. Also, GPS can be used to record vehicle speed for safety, which is especially helpful to ensure none of your work trucks are speeding through residential areas.

Lawn and landscaping services

Like plumbing and HVAC companies, lawn service companies have year-round employment. During the warmer months, grass lawns explode and need regular mowing, and winter winds mean tree trimming jobs galore. Truth is, many homeowners and commercial property owners are in constant need of scheduled yard work and landscaping. To help keep an eye on your service trucks, GPS monitoring can show you where your trucks are, when they arrived and when they left a job site.

Propane delivery

If you live in a rural area, you likely rely on regularly scheduled propane deliveries. Without propane, you could be without your heater or cooler or other units that require propane for power. While propane is needed all year, it’s wintertime that keeps propane companies especially busy, as homes may need a serious refill after a major storm. You can track your fleet vehicles to make sure they get to your customers—as well as go to the right address—in a timely fashion. Dispatchers can also find the best driving routes for your techs.

To get started with a fleet GPS tracking service today, talk to someone on the team at GPS Systems. We are experts in our field and will provide a level of exceptional service that is second to none. Contact us anytime with questions, for more information or to set up a new service!

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