GPS Tracking: Extra Security for Construction

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Construction equipment plays a very important role in the overall success of a project. Equipment that is operated and handled properly can mean the difference between a project that completes on time and within budget and one that doesn’t. With the help of GPS tracking devices, construction firms are better able to keep costs under control and carry out their work in an efficient manner. Here’s a closer look at what GPS capabilities offer to construction firms:

    • Make budgeting easier: Between labor, materials, fuel and equipment maintenance, constructions projects can get to be very expensive. Much of the guesswork can be eliminated from the budgeting process by having an accurate record of GPS data from past projects. When it comes to the budget, GPS tracking devices can really pay off over time.
    • Enjoy efficient vehicle dispatching: When work is underway at a very large site (or at several sites in close proximity to each other), it can be helpful to get equipment and machinery from one location to another as fast as possible. With GPS tracking, project managers and dispatchers can better pinpoint the location of particular vehicles, ensuring the closest ones are dispatched, saving time and fuel.


    • Save on fuel: Speaking of fuel, the overall fuel savings that can be attained through the use of GPS tracking devices is considerable. Rather than sending a piece of equipment via a roundabout path to its final destination, GPS can help identify the clearest, fastest route, ensuring more expedient arrival and less wasted fuel.
    • Save on labor: The labor costs involved in construction are some of the most difficult to control. With the help of GPS, however, construction companies can better ensure their workers are in the right place at the right time, and operating as efficiently as possible. Not surprisingly, making adjustments to encourage more efficient use of workers can have ripple effects in other areas, as discussed above.
    • Save on maintenance: Keeping your equipment and machinery operating smoothly and reliably is key to a successful project that finishes on time and within budget. Having to deal with unexpected maintenance issues can put a damper on overall efficiency, which is why so many construction firms have appreciated being able to use GPS data to better track when their vehicles are due for maintenance
    • Lower your insurance premium: Does the cost of insuring your heavy equipment seem higher than you’d prefer? One way to potentially lower your premium is by installing GPS tracking devices, which promote safer and more efficient use of your equipment. Many insurance companies will adjust their customers’ premiums if they equip their machines with GPS tracking devices.
    • Track down stolen vehicles: Heavy construction equipment is more vulnerable than the layperson might expect. It is frequently left exposed after hours, leaving it open to theft. Employees themselves are also prone to misusing equipment in various ways. GPS tracking devices can pinpoint the location of stolen equipment, as well as identify equipment that was taken from its designated spot by employees.


At GPS Technologies, we have well over a decade of experience in providing GPS tracking devices to construction firms throughout the country. To learn more about how this technology can help your company save money and reduce mishaps, get in touch with our team today!


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